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Utopia Talk / General Talk / RIP QAG
Mon Jun 13 16:17:07
I do not know the circumstances, but that her fight is at it's end.

Codladh sámh Bri.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 13 16:48:17
Wait?? D:
Dead like Jeff Goldblum or dead like Brittany Murphy?
Mon Jun 13 17:02:08
I have seen a lot of death. I have pronounced people this very weekend. But none of that Sucks like the passing of this 29 year old mother that I have never met.
the wanderer
Mon Jun 13 17:53:24
seems true :(

My beautiful sister Briana Draper has passed away. I miss her and everything still a shock for my family and I. My heart is not only broken for my self and my family but her 5 year old daughter also. We don't know truly what happened yet so please refrain from coming to your own conclusions and spreading rumors. Everyone who was close to her will know what happened once we find out the truth. Until then please keep your opinions to yourself. This is a very very hard time for my family and I understand everyone who cared for her is grieving also but my family has lost a daughter a sister and a mother so please give us time to breath and grieve a little bit more before you all ask more questions about her or bridgette. We are trying our best to help you all while helping ourselves process this but it is hard for us so please take that into consideration. You may all posts remembrances of her but please don't mention any of your own suspicions of her death. That is rude and not ok at all. Also please keep in mind that she has a 5 year old child who is still trying to process her mother is gone forever so be gentle in what you say. Thank you
~Maggie Draper (on Briana's Facebook)
Marlboro man
Mon Jun 13 17:59:51
While I did not know her, I am sorry for your loss.
Mon Jun 13 19:13:17
Oh Briana v.v

I caught a glimpse of this yesterday and had hoped it wasn't true. I'm so sorry.
Mon Jun 13 19:16:17

I assumed this was a joke :(
Mon Jun 13 20:32:29
Is it too callous of me to say that this maggie feller has horrible prose?
Mon Jun 13 22:24:49
Saw the initial postings yesterday as well. I wasn't close enough to her to feel comfortable posting it here, figuring someone who was closer would do so.

I wasn't very close with her, but she was a sweetie, and seemed to be doing well in her life the last few years.

29 years old :(
Mon Jun 13 23:59:39
RIP girl. You were funny, weird and nice.
Tue Jun 14 00:05:00
I did not know her well but she was a friend so I helped her out a couple times. That kid had fight in her.
the wanderer
Tue Jun 14 00:36:32
her father posted a long thing on Facebook...
still doesn't know cause i guess, he's the one who found her (QAG's daughter wasn't there if anyone concerned about that)

a snippet:
"I called the medical examiner today and he verified that Briana had passed in her sleep peacefully with nothing traumatic occurring."
Tue Jun 14 02:56:43
Saw it too yesterday and wasn't sure either what to do...
Rip Briana :(
Carly DB
Tue Jun 14 08:38:50
I just saw this on facebook. How awful. 29 is far to young. :(
Cherub Cow
Tue Jun 14 15:36:31
"Is it too callous of me to say that this maggie feller has horrible prose?"

Under the circumstances stream of consciousness and alternating between subjects shouldn't be too intolerable

[Palem]: "fuck
I assumed this was a joke :("

Me too :( .. I saw the Hot Rod thread first so wasn't sure..

Very sad.. she seemed like she was really trying to stabilize things for her daughter (Bridgette?). And it felt like we let her down when she was asking for some financial help for a computer a year or two ago.. hoped she'd come back and have better luck. <3 QAG
Wed Jun 15 00:26:52
I mean, surely you recall some of Bri's writing. I would feel comfortable assuming that there isn't much room for improvement under ideal circumstances here.
Wed Jun 15 08:15:30
Yeah. This shit, right here, this is why I don't come around here anymore.

Nothing to say on Bri herself, except that she and her sister are shitty writers.

For the record? Yes, too callous.

Let me know if this place ever grows the fuck up. God knows some of us aren't living long enough to really get the chance.
Wed Jun 15 08:42:54
Hey. You know how you have issues in your brain that make you a little bit different from the rest of society?

I have no compassion. It isn't an act. I'm not secretly very upset but trying to be edgy or tough. I literally cannot care that someone who might have been a friend of mine at one point is now dead. That is my awkward brain quirk. I'll try to grow the fuck up and just get over it. Just for you.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 20 15:35:57
"Let me know if this place ever grows the fuck up."

Hood isn't the only person here! If you weren't going to post here anyways, at least come up with a better reason not to .. like that only five people actively post ;)
Tentacle Rapist
Mon Jun 20 17:01:01
"Let me know if this place ever grows the fuck up."

You literally have no clue where you are.
Mon Jun 20 19:16:41
"If you weren't going to post here anyways, at least come up with a better reason not to .. like that only five people actively post ;)"

Avoidance is easier.
Tue Jun 21 09:56:38
RIP Bri. ✿
Tue Jun 21 11:00:10
Someone posted this and it is perfectly Bri:

"God made the biggest mistake calling you home... Unless he lays out right away his plan for all of us to you...He's going to have you at his door every day..demanding he fixes our heartache and misfortunes.
'Oh..no..that won't do..listen here God'
Even if he shares his plans to you, I still laugh..because I can see you pestering the crap out of him to make sure that yes; everything is arranged for all of us, BUT that they also meet your satisfaction."

Fri Jun 24 20:47:09
every time I come back, someone else is gone :(
Fri Jun 24 21:11:40
Sucks :(
The Great Wakka
Thu Jun 30 00:35:33
RIP :(
Sun Jul 03 12:44:31
Quiet Sound
Sun Jul 03 17:33:02
Has there been an update on what happened or who is taking care of her daughter? I haven't had a facebook account in several years.
Mon Jul 04 10:18:33
From what I have read on the posts from her father, it seems quoting him "I called the medical examiner today and he verified that Briana had passed in her sleep peacefully with nothing traumatic occurring."

For her daughter as far as I can tell is under custody of her grandparents (mom and dad of QAG)

what I do wanna share is this post of her mom, Donica:

For those of you who inquired about making a donation to Bridgette's (Bridie's) college fund the final paperwork was completed today. Please email me, Donica Dunn Draper at donicaaz@comcast.net. I'll reply with a short form that you can fill out and send in with your contribution. For those of you who have already sent contributions, thank you. Those contributions will be sent to the fund within the next few days. Again, we are grateful for everyone's out pouring of love for Briana Draper and support for our family.

I hope this will be sufficient

Quiet Sound
Wed Jul 06 05:04:27
Wed Jul 13 10:36:40
RIP my beautiful soul sister
Sun Aug 21 19:56:50
Something told me to come look for this place today, how surprised and saddened was I to see this post. Keep heart my friends, the Queen of Angels cannot die, but rather she has ascended to claim her throne. <3 <3

**Salute-Queenly Wave**

I didn't really keep in touch with anyone here except (The Emperor but my phone broke, I lost my address book and I haven't heard from him for a while. I should send him a text one of these days if I can find the number.) so I didn't expect to see this, you will be missed Queen Angel Girl. <3 <3

;( ;(
Wed Mar 01 03:26:22
Aw :(
Ubes JAC
Fri Mar 10 21:36:19
The Bard
Fri Mar 31 02:46:38
I miss you my net-daughter. I wish I'd kept in touch with people here.
Shwaggy THCoANA
Mon Apr 17 00:53:34
Hate to swing back into the forum to find people I really liked passed. I still have QAG's regular order from the Shwag Cafe saved on my hard drive.

*lifts a salted sprite* rest in peace, friend.
Thu Apr 27 10:46:23
RIP Qag.. :(
Tue Jun 09 06:24:16
I hope her little girl, Bridgette, is doing ok and indoctrinated in her family's religion.
Still Well
Thu Aug 27 08:12:16
I don't even know what year this happened. I have been here for so many. Very sad to learn this. I remember QAG well.
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