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Utopia Talk / Politics / simple uber driver dead...murdered
Sat Mar 27 15:56:48
in da land of great freedummmmbbbb.


like wtf was he even killed for. 2 chicks aged 13 and 15 murdered him and noone even bats an eye at the end. like wtf this dude recordin culdnt even grab that chick outta da car.

and where those soldiers suddenly come from. so they murdered this man while just 20 feet away from 5 soldiers?

and nobody even checks on him while he lays there, like wtf kinda country is u in.

Sat Mar 27 16:39:09
"my phone is in there" while the man you just murdered is lying dead on the street.
Sat Mar 27 16:48:01

Mohammad Anwar was a hard-working Pakistani immigrant who came to the United States to create a better life for him and his family. He was simply at work yesterday evening, providing for his family, when his life was tragically taken in an appalling act of violence. The details are still being investigated, however we know that Anwar was working on an UberEats delivery when two assailants attempted to carjack him in Navy Yard.
Sat Mar 27 16:54:05
” and where those soldiers suddenly come from.”

If this is D.C then they are probably the National Guard. They are there to protect the Capitol Hill, the White House, freedom and democracy.
Sat Mar 27 17:01:49
So I looked up something to the effect of "uber eats driver killed" and I got this other video of another uber eats driver killed by two 14 yr olds in texas just two months ago.

Sat Mar 27 17:02:03
Sat Mar 27 17:07:26
The working conditions in America seems to be horrible. You risk being killed by children.
Sat Mar 27 17:08:23
Wait, I thought black suspects were never taken in alive by the police? But these two are (apparently) black, and they've been arrested.

What's going on here Y2A?!
Sat Mar 27 17:34:54
I never said that black suspects were never take alive, I said that white mass murderers were rarely taken out at the scene. Like, say Dylann Roof who got a happy meal and a pat on the back from the South Carolina officers that apprehended him.
Sat Mar 27 17:35:10
*never taken alive
Sat Mar 27 17:43:26
You mean people who lay down their arms and surrender generally get taken in alive? Well holy shit.

Also, a) it was Burger King, not a Happy Meal (he got gyped there IMO), and b)...how do you not realize that the cops were just keeping the murder suspect happy so he would continue to talk?

The Wire did this on multiple occasions for God's sake.

Sat Mar 27 17:49:04
"You mean people who lay down their arms and surrender generally get taken in alive?"

Tell that to Philando Castile
Sat Mar 27 17:50:15
also, yes, i know it wasn't an actual happy meal, it's an expression, relax.
Sat Mar 27 17:56:40
You have more than one example there friend? This is a country of 330,000,000 people, the sheer odds state that every once in a while someone is gonna get popped by a trigger-happy officer. Race has nothing to do with that.

Here's a video of pigs executing a white man as he's literally on the ground sobbing and begging them not to shoot him...was this due to racism as well, or is it more likely that police just are too quick to resort to deadly force in general?

Sat Mar 27 19:04:30
Even the most idiotic cops holding on to an accelerating vehicle eventually let go and just eat shit. This dude held the line until the very end. Lol
Sam Adams
Sat Mar 27 20:47:50
"Tell that to Philando Castile"

1 improper shooting in a nation of 330 million people.

Sam Adams
Sat Mar 27 20:48:33
"Mohammad Anwar was a hard-working Pakistani immigrant who came to the United States to create a better life for him and his family."

Too bad he moved near black people.
Sat Mar 27 20:48:50
That and the vast majority of high-profile mass shooters have died on scene, regardless of race.
Sat Mar 27 21:42:57
Mass shooters that survived:

-Dylann Roof
-Patrick Crusius
-James Holmes
-Robert Long
-Robert Bowers
-Nikolas Cruz

Outside of the US
-Anders Brevik
-Brenton Tarrant

These ppl are untouchable and are given a crazy amount of leniency not afforded to the average minority just going about their day.
Sat Mar 27 22:05:24

Native americans punching above their weight.

Whites seem to be only 54%, which makes sense being about 60% pop.
Cherub Cow
Sun Mar 28 00:55:48
[Rugian]: "You mean people who lay down their arms and surrender generally get taken in alive?"
[Y2A]: "Tell that to Philando Castile"

Lulz. I love people citing the Castile shooting, which went like this:
[Officer]: "You have your license and insurance?"
*Castile begins reaching into his pants*
[Castile]: "Sir, I do have to tell you I do have a firearm on me."
[Officer]: "Okay ...
*Castile continues reaching into his pants*
[Officer]: "Don't reach for it, then. Don't pull it out."
*Castile, still reaching into his pants*
[Castile]: "I'm not pulling it out."
*Castile, still reaching into his pants.*
[Officer]: "Don't pull it out!"
*Castile, still reaching into his pants*
*Shots fired*

Did the cop freak out and shoot before he had actually seen a weapon? Yes. Was Castile being a fucking idiot? Also yes.

When declaring that you have a firearm in your vehicle, it's best practice to have your hands visible while doing so and to also note exactly where it is and exactly what you intend to do. E.g.,
*Hands on steering wheel*
[Citizen]: "I have a firearm in the car. It is unloaded and secured in the glove compartment."
[Officer]: "Good to go. License and registration."
[Citizen]: "Because I'm not an idiot, I knew that you would ask for those items, and before you even exited your car I placed them on my dashboard. I am now going to reach for them and give them to you."
[Officer]: "Sounds good! .. Wait... I'm confused.. AHHHH!!!*
*Unloads magazine into citizen's chest*

Okay, everything except the last part.
Cherub Cow
Sun Mar 28 04:37:00
Those teens found a very theatrical way to get tried as adults for murder. Then again, attempting a car-jacking in daylight against a pretty large man shows that they don't exactly have thinking skills, which could mean prison until they make it to 18 years. Then again.. D.C. has problematic prosecution issues (part of their crime problem).

I'm guessing that since he was an Uber *Eats* driver that he left his keys in the car (double-parked) while he delivered, then ran back to find the two girls attempting to steal it. So maybe it was a pure opportunity crime; they saw something that could be taken easily, and they went for it (theft by finding). Their lawyer could probably say that they lost control when the driver returned and tried to push her out of the seat. That could decrease their blame since they could say that they were only stealing an unattended object and were afterwards attacked. Of course, selling this narrative would take competence on their part, and I somehow doubt that a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old can survive basic questions. They probably already spoke to police without a lawyer and closed doors for themselves.
Sun Mar 28 06:42:21
Y2A -

Let's add a few more people to that list, shall we:

-Lee Boyd Malvo
-John Allen Muhammad
-Chai Vang
-Esteban Santiago-Ruiz
-Cleophus Cooksey Jr.

All minority mass murderers, all taken alive.

The point is that when mass murderers surrender to police, the police tend not to shoot them. Race has nothing to do with it.

I'm really not sure what you're arguing here...that police should summarily execute these people once they lay down their arms? Is not doing that considered to be "crazy leniency?"
Sun Mar 28 09:39:34
Y2a isnt a serious person and shouldnt be treated as a serious person. Just a man child who never had to grow up and comes up with these false issues that adults deal with
Sun Mar 28 14:29:17
In the US people kill food delivery guys, in China people give them cakes:

Sun Mar 28 14:30:45
Parafag is another useless person who shouldnt be taken seriously.
Sun Mar 28 14:43:46
I didn't realize the the SCMP had turned into the Hong Kong version of the Daily Mail.
Sun Mar 28 14:51:29
Nobody takes paramount seriously when he does his absurd "comparisons"
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 12 02:22:43
Minor update:
"2 teen girls could reach plea deal in murder, carjacking of Uber Eats driver"
[NewsNationNow; April 7th, 2021]
• "Two teenage girls charged in the death of an Uber Eats driver in Washington, D.C., may be closer to reaching a plea deal in the case."
• "The two teens are charged as juveniles and their cases will be prosecuted in the juvenile court system."
• "Brian Higgins, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, says juvenile court will take into account a child’s mental state, their maturity level, and if they have previously committed a crime."
• "The suspects allegedly used a taser on Anwar."

Incidentally, another article mentions that the two girls went to the Navy Yard specifically to steal a car (premeditation looks bad for mental state and criminality/disposition). At least one has a record (robberies and car-jackings), and "Both teens have been charged with felony murder and armed carjacking" ( http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/carjacking-ubereats-dc-video-b1823637.html ). This makes their home lives look bad, which means that a judge will probably prefer to turn them over to the state for rehabilitation.

Combining the details (juvenile court + adult crime), one or both will probably be in prison (D.C.'s "Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services") until the age of 21, when their/her record(s) will be cleared (D.C. Juvenile Court Guide, p26; https://www.courtexcellence.org/uploads/publications/DCJuvenileJusticeGuideEnglish_Final.pdf )
. If the the 13-year-old can have her plea deal separated (like, if she were considered only a party to her more delinquent friend), then she may only get probation.

Plea deals could be announced this week, and they have a court date on April 20th.
Sam Adams
Mon Apr 12 09:44:06
Execute the parents.
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