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Utopia Talk / Politics / this how she got job "western journalist
The Children
Tue Nov 24 12:09:50
lmao what an absolutely disgustin shill of an it.

thats exactly how and why she got hired. she needs whitey approval and acceptence plus she willin 2 kneel down and unzip da pants.


lmao notice how she doubled down on her stupidity after most whiteys didnt agree. she didnt get whitey confirmation (how can this be, double down on her bet). look at how many times she reposted that picture still tryin her utter best 2 prove that she is right, when in fact, she is


The Children
Tue Nov 24 12:10:31
expose these hideous beasts!
The Children
Tue Nov 24 12:30:52
lmao like literally 99.999% of all comments are against her. hahaha and she still tried 2 double down by postin a completely different picture.

this loco imperial whore has gone batshit crazy.

man those comments are fuckin golden, hahaha.

talk about gettin owned and humiliated.
The Children
Tue Nov 24 12:31:18
dumb bitch doubled down. bitch, u got snake eyes.
The Children
Tue Nov 24 12:55:29
never forget!

she tried 2 double down. OWNED!!!!! SNAKEEEE EYESSSS, u dumb bitch!

double down on THIS!!!

The Children
Tue Nov 24 13:08:50
uuhhhh!!! uuuhhhhh WHAAAAATTT WAIT FOR IT!!!!



hahaha fuckin dumb ape!


hahaha idiot got owned thrice!!!!

The Children
Tue Nov 24 13:11:12
motherfucker, imagine these fanatical cultists arrogant apes, these antichina shills are all batshit crazy.

even when called out 2000 times with literally 99,9999999% callin u a stupid ape, she still TRIPLLLEEEEEEEEEED down.

ape, ur not fit 2 do anything other than suck dick in da parkin lot for 10 dolla.
Tue Nov 24 16:42:49
Can you explain in grown up words, wtf is going on?
The Children
Wed Nov 25 10:36:31
since u asked so politely. she is a known whitey cocksucka, an imperialist slave, a sold out uncle chen, a dog that fetches sticks for there imperial mastas.

a sell out of da highest order. now ofc she made ridiculous anti china claims before.

but this week she went haywire.

in her ever crusade, she tried 2 claim that muslims r being oppressed in china and she did it by postin mosques in china thats supposedly converted by communism.

so she pointed out 1 of da mosques and on da roof if u look really closely, u can see da communist oppression, da hammer and sickle all da way on top.

cept it isnt. it is da crescent moon and star, a symbol of islam.

so when people called her out 4 her retardation, she doubled down by postin a new picture tryin 2 fortify her claim.

cept theres 3 things wrong with it. 1, apparently u gotta zoom in a 1000x when she claimed in da first 2 look up da roof, she apparently meant u gotta zoom in a 1000x onto one of da rooftop tiles 2 find what she claimed is there.

2) its not there. theres no hammer and sickle, its clearly a star and crescent moon.

and 3) its a frikkin picture of a different buildin than da first pic she claimed was there. u can clearly see da different stones and textiles and structure. she frikkin posted a different picture thinkin everyone is blind and stupid.

so she went into bot disinfo campaign by postin this second picture on almost every reply against her.

but da replies were too many as everyone called her a moron.

so what did said moron do. she TRIPLED DOWN.

by makin a new tweet with da second picture claimin communism oppression is literally zoomed in 1000x in some cryptic knights hospitaler symbol quest crusade where u gotta travel 3000 miles and visit 10 tombstones 2 figure out that communism is above u or some bullshit.

she turned batshit crazy.

The Children
Wed Nov 25 11:00:56
lolz i only joined in half way but apparently its even worse than what i described.

her originally cover story was one that was meant 2 show that there are NO mosques in China no more becoz as she claims "all destroyed".

then viewers found a bunch of mosques everywhere so they changed da story halfway into "mosques are still there but "yea but its being destroyed by communism, see the hammer and sickle" while she points at a crescent moon and star.

and then she doubles down by postin a picture of zoomed in rooftop tile pic that is clearly a different picture and viewers discovered she even didnt take that picture. she stole that picture by finding it online and makin a photo out of it with her phone.

posted it on twitter and claims that that is what she meant da first time. lmao she is gone superkaren. its clearly pictures of 2 different buildings. and da fact that she doubled down on it by going online and takin a photo out of some obscure webpage proves she is delusional crazy.

Wed Nov 25 12:11:51
Maybe she wants to incite muslims against China. She wants muslims to get angry and start to suicide bomb the Chinese and stab them, like they have been doing in Europe.
Thu Nov 26 05:05:48
Thank you TC. I read her tweet about the hammer and sickle, I was confused. I thought it was of satire, that she was making fun of someone who had claimed all those things.
The Children
Thu Nov 26 07:37:11
she IS da joke.

a complete imperial coksuckin disgraceful loonatic.

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