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Utopia Talk / Politics / Official fraud BS by God-King #57
Mon Nov 23 22:36:14

He should not have had Giuliani do anything, especially in public"

Trump's claims (that will continue) are more crazy than anything Rudy put out... Trump literally requires no evidence of anything, any total made-up bullshit he hears he repeats if in his favor (like all OAN shit), plus makes-up some on his own (like the hundreds of thousands of fraud Georgia signatures)... Trump is Sidney Powell level


"He hasn't derailed faith in the system any more than usual."

yes he has... MASSIVELY more, just like he MASSIVELY lied more throughout his 'presidency', just like he MASSIVELY shirked his duties in doing the job


What is your 2nd argument missing? Exactly what you demand in your first. Evidence.

Over 90% of Democrats now beleive the system is fair and fraud free. It has literally doubled in weeks. So even the moderate increase in the Republicans not believing its fair probably makes.little total difference.

Plus what chunk is Trump likely accountable for? In most elections people to see their candidate lose have less faith in fairness of elextions than those whose candidates win.
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