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Utopia Talk / Politics / Who needs a President
Sat Nov 21 16:56:26
We have a Senate Majority leader. Why doesn't McConnell just make a list of Cabinet members that they will accept or approve. Give it to Biden and see if he can live with it.

the wanderer
Sat Nov 21 17:42:39
if the Rs are dicks, Biden should just do all 'acting' people like Trump... the spineless Rs did nothing about it for him
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Nov 21 17:56:06
McConnell and Biden were actual friends. This is only the 2nd time in 100 years a long time Senator made it into the White House.
Sat Nov 21 19:34:04
McConnell has no friends, there is only the Senate and he plays ot like Bobbi Fisher.
Sat Nov 21 19:52:34
Tom, the way our government works is that the president cant act like a king and nominate any person he wants to any position he wants. Some very important and vital cabinet positions require the consent of the senate. This causes compromise and avoids a dictatorship. I hope you learned something here.
Sat Nov 21 19:58:07
I wonder how long it will take mt to see the irony. Whatever the guess, I'll take the over.
Sat Nov 21 19:59:33
TW, Didnt that get shot down already in the SC? I had a thread about this.

Trump, I would think actually has the votes, so not sure why he didnt do that.
Sun Nov 22 03:55:20
obaminated, it is quite apparent that McConnell believes that he is the dictator. I probably won't live long enough to see the what McConnell has on the Senate Republicans but there is obviously something.
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