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Utopia Talk / Politics / Milwaukee Burbs Mall Shooting
Fri Nov 20 18:42:10
White male in his 20s-30s. A Poor Boy?

Wrath of Orion
Fri Nov 20 18:48:30
Do we know if he was wearing a mask?
Fri Nov 20 21:51:06
Mass shooting rates have really plummeted
Since covid.
Fri Nov 20 21:53:58
well yeah, schools are out and mass gatherings are largely discouraged.
Fri Nov 20 21:57:19
Fucking white people...
Average Ameriacn
Sat Nov 21 06:34:34
He was forced to wear a mask and then suffered from co-2 poisoning which made him violent and aggressive. He is innocent.
Sat Nov 21 09:42:53
Did he shout MAGA?
the wanderer
Sat Nov 21 12:16:14
Preliminary investigation has led us to believe that this shooting was not a random act, and was the result of an altercation. We will continue to work diligently to interview the many witnesses, as well as the victims who were injured, to identify and apprehend the suspect.
~ the cops

so probably was a guy who refused to wear a mask

the #1 cause of retail altercations
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Nov 21 17:00:24
Nice to see this country getting back to "Normal".
Sat Nov 21 17:06:36
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ Sat Nov 21 17:00:24
Nice to see this country getting back to "Normal".

If by "normal," you mean "devoting excessive coverage to completely immaterial events that have no business being in the public's mind," then sure.
Average Ameriacn
Mon Nov 23 11:18:36

Wauwatosa police have arrested a 15-year-old Milwaukee boy who they believe opened fire at Mayfair mall Friday afternoon, sending eight to the hospital.

Police Chief Barry Weber said the suspect was arrested Saturday night and that the shooting was the result of an altercation between two groups of people at the mall.

"We do know there was some sort of altercation, and that's when the bullets started flying," Weber said during a Sunday news conference.

Police had said Friday that witnesses described the shooter as a white man in his 20s or 30s. But Weber described the suspect as a 15-year-old Hispanic boy. His firearm was recovered during the arrest.

Four innocent bystanders were among those who received non-life-threatening injuries during the shooting.

"There were several members of those groups that were injured during this altercation," Wauwatosa Police Public Information Officer Abby Pavlik said of the two groups involved in the altercation.

The teen left the mall as other patrons were running out, according to Wauwatosa police.

Weber said officers arrived within 30 seconds of the first call to police at 2:49 p.m. The shooting occurred near Macy's on the lower level of the mall.

Officers were unaware that the shooter had left the mall when they entered. The shooter left the property on foot, based on video surveillance.

Police said several other arrests have been made related to the shooting.

Weber said the initial information that was put out on the suspect was "erroneous." He said that later Friday evening police started to develop leads that led them to believe the shooter was younger than first thought.

Weber said he viewed surveillance video and that helped find the shooter. The Police Department did not release surveillance to the public when they suspected the shooter was a minor.
Sam Adams
Mon Nov 23 11:39:10
"The Police Department did not release surveillance to the public when they suspected the shooter was a minor."

Typical left-wing modern world bullshit.

Dont release info helping the investigation of a mass shooting because the perpetrator needs protection.
renzo marQuez
Mon Nov 23 11:45:38
This is actually a racial upset based on the high shot to serious injury ratio. Maybe the Hispanic is part eggplant tho.
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