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Thu Nov 19 03:12:56
I'm just going to talk about one, but feel free to use this thread for a bunch of CCT's, whether they were true or not.

Really I dont see this as a CCT but it has been called one.

The CDC lied and understated the effectiveness of quality masks to contain the spread of.the virus so as to not have a run on supplies.

1. This is when people were panic buying TP and sanitizer.

2. Medical grade masks were in short supply.

3. If there was say an unlimited amount of masks, nowing the basics of how coronaviruses or other viral lung infections spread what harm would masks cause? I mean caution your still not safe but they openly discouraged* masks.

The simplest explanation is that the CDC lied/misrepresented themselves in order to keep what limited supplies they had for frontline workers.
Thu Nov 19 03:21:43
"The simplest explanation is that the CDC lied/misrepresented themselves in order to keep what limited supplies they had for frontline workers."

Yes, I tentatively concluded that back in the day and have not since cared enough about it to re-evaluate. Had I been that policy maker, I would have endorsed that lie, knowing that all reasonably intelligent persons (a minority of the population) would see through it and protect themselves.

I wore my N-95 masks to work throughout March/April, still do. I only have like 6 or 7 N-95s left. :(

That was from a pre-COVID stockpile.
werewolf dictator
Thu Nov 19 03:45:06
co2 is good at greening the planet.. and cold weather is much much much more deadly to humans than heat or any weather phenomenon..

therefore there must be a conspiracy theory explaining why the forces of evil want to keep earth co2 poor and cold..

theory 1.. forces of evil are on the side of john lilys solid state intelligence.. and want cooler temperatures for the ai demons they are summoning

theory 2.. places like west europe and japan are fossil fuel poor but want to compete on equal terms with fossil fuel rich countries like usa.. while also strangling russia and mideast economies.. therefore they promote idea that theres some imminent crisis and nobody should use fossil fuels

or both theories could be true
large member
Thu Nov 19 04:11:24
The simplest explanation is the precautionary approach. The WHO suspected transmission was primarily by way of droplets and surface contact.

Using masks incorrectly would pose an unacceptable health risk to users. In effect turning the mask into a surface contact on the users face.

Thu Nov 19 13:25:56
Jergul,Most people wear masks improperly some of the time.Thus is still the case.

If they thought it was primarily through droplets would catching said droplets help reduce the spread?

The biggest factor of change of how this spreads I beleive is just how infectious people without symptoms.

Which is likley inflated by people with mild symptoms or thinking it was allergies or a cold. My sister is barbarian savage who always gets sick and calls it some BS, but wont get checked and comes.over touching everything like I didn't notice my toothbrush moved when she got her kids freeze pops, had to throw it away.
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