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Wed Nov 18 13:06:38
The United States has recorded a quarter-million Covid-19 deaths, the latest NBC News numbers showed Wednesday, and the death rate has been accelerating in recent weeks as cases have been surging across the country.

The 250,000th death was logged Wednesday morning, the data revealed.

In the last four weeks there has been a 42 percent increase in the number of fatalities, from a weekly average of 821 per day in early October to last week’s average of 1,167 fatalities per day, according to an NBC News analysis of the available data.


”last week’s average of 1,167 fatalities per day”

I know that the USA/Trump has already declared victory over Covid19 and that you won. So how can this be true? Is it fake news?

Biden thinks that you still have to fight this virus and he has started his own task force. So I wonder what are they gonna do? Are the gonna shut down the country? Curfew? Force-vaccinate every American?
Wed Nov 18 13:14:48
You have AIDS.
Wed Nov 18 13:29:20
By the time Biden is president, the vaccine will be given out to frontline healthcare workers and there will be factories making millions of doses a week. By the summer, COVID will be just a memory and Joe will take all the credit.
Wed Nov 18 13:30:30
Harris will take all the credit*

Sam Adams
Wed Nov 18 13:51:58
Everyone needs to lock down. Except me and my other democrat doners:

Wed Nov 18 16:52:50
Virtually every indicator in the U.S. is flashing bright red alarms: The country has recorded more than 100,000 new cases on every day since the Nov. 3 election. More than 73,000 Americans are being treated in hospitals, an all-time high. Of those, 14,000 are in intensive care units. The number of tests conducted on a given day is rising, but so too is the percentage of those tests that come back positive, a sign that the virus is spreading faster than testing is expanding.

“This is a disaster waiting to happen,” said Kelli Drenner, a public health expert at the University of Houston. “People are letting their guard down, expanding their bubbles.”

If states were counted individually against other nations, 15 of the 20 worst outbreaks in the world on a per capita basis would be American states. Eight states — the Dakotas, Iowa, Wyoming, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Montana — have worse per capita outbreaks than any other country in the world. Case counts increased in 46 states and the District of Columbia week over week.


Are these all Republican states? I’m thinking maybe it is the Trump voters who got sick when they went to to vote for Mr Trump. Most Democrats voted by mail, didn’t they?
Wed Nov 18 16:59:21
Trump declares victory over COVID-19

The president says we’ve turned the corner on COVID-19. This past weekend the president’s chief of staff Mark Meadows went on television and admitted that the administration is no longer trying to control the coronavirus. Just a few days later the administration science office released a memo claiming they had ended the pandemic. You may ask yourself, “Are they waving the white flag or declaring victory?” The answer is yes.

Declaring victory in the face of ignominious defeat is very Trump. You might even call it the Trump Doctrine.

1. Fail in spectacular fashion

2. Declare victory

3. Walk away

He uses it for everything. Casinos, marriages, pandemics ... you name it. The Trump Doctrine is an all-purpose tool for the shameless.


werewolf dictator
Thu Nov 19 02:32:53
the country with the highest covid death rate is..

belgium 129.92

the usa states with higher death rates are..

New Jersey 187
New York 176
Massachusetts 150
Connecticut 134
Louisiana 132

first four of five are heavy pro-biden

werewolf dictator
Thu Nov 19 02:38:47
europe has little to boast of lately.. with higher death rates than usa over last 12 in uk spain france italy ukraine poland romania netherlands belgium czech greece portugal hungary austria switzerland bulgaria slovakia
werewolf dictator
Thu Nov 19 02:39:22
*last 12 days
Thu Nov 19 02:46:24

Deaths lag cases by 4-6 weeks.
Thu Nov 19 02:52:51
Not to mention LA is just dumb and dirty.Literally worse governance than CA.
werewolf dictator
Thu Nov 19 03:09:40
6th highest rate in world is..

argentina 81.15

usa states [and districts] higher are

New Jersey 187 biden
New York 176 biden
Massachusetts 150 biden
Connecticut 134 biden
Louisiana 132
Rhode Island 121 biden
Mississippi 120
North Dakota 102
District of Columbia 94 biden
Illinois 89 biden
Arizona 87 biden
Michigan 85 biden
Georgia 85 biden
Florida 82
Thu Nov 19 03:14:59
Areas with higher amounts of elderly and unhealthy people would also have higher death rates regardless.
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