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Utopia Talk / Politics / UP Death Pool - 117th Congress Edition
Wed Nov 18 11:18:03
Parameters: Pick who you think is most likely to kick the bucket between January 3, 2021 and January 3, 2023. Anyone who is going to be in the federal government during that period is eligible, you do not need to limit yourself to the below list.

Likely PotUS: Joe Biden (age 77)
Less likely PotUS: Donald Trump (age 74)
Likely VP: Kamala Harris (age 56)

House Speaker: Nancy Pelosi (age 80)
House Majority Leader: Steny Hoyer (age 81)
House Majority Whip: Jim Clyburn (age 80)

Senate Majority Leader: Mitch McConnell (age 78)
Senate Majority Whip: John Thune (age 59)

House Committee Chairs (current):
Ways and Means: Richard Neal (age 71)
Energy and Commerce: Frank Pallone (age 69)
Education and Labor: Bobby Scott (age 73)
Veterans Affairs: Mike Takano (age 59 - most likely to die of AIDS)
Armed Services: Adam Smith (age 55)
Budget: John Yarmuth (age 73)

Senate Committee Chairs (current):
Finance: Chuck Grassley (age 87)
Appropriations: Richard Shelby (age 86)
Armed Services: Jim Inhofe (age 86)
Veterans Affairs: Jerry Moran (age 66)
Aging: Susan Collins (age 67)

Supreme Court:
Breyer (age 82)
Thomas (age 72)
Alito (age 70)
Sotomayor (age 66)
Roberts (age 65)
Kagan (age 60)
Kavanaugh (age 55)
Gorsuch (age 53)
Notorious ACB (age 48)
Wed Nov 18 11:25:47
Feinstein isn't looking so good.
Wed Nov 18 11:41:17
Chuck Grassley, although he may die before january 3.
Wed Nov 18 11:45:39
When Trump dies Im fairly certain he will rise again after 1 day, not 3 like that lazy Jew.
Wed Nov 18 11:59:35
Rugian, you need to award points for correct picks. It should work like 100 minus the age of the selection. So, if senator Grassley dies tomorrow, god forbid, whoever selected him in UP Death Pool would get 100 - 87 = 13 points. And set the end date, whoever gets most points wins
Wed Nov 18 12:01:09
Breyer. Dems will commit murder to make sure they pick the next Justice. No way they leave it to chance four years from now.
Wed Nov 18 12:19:48
Even if harris picks the next justice they will have to get through a conservative Senate.

Even if they get both GA seats they have to get it by the blue dogs like Manchin.
large member
Wed Nov 18 12:46:08
Biden and Trump have about equal number of years left on average (about 8 years).

So you would want to look at risk factors like being a fat fuck, or recovering from a serious self-inflicted illness.

But since we are looking at living presidents in 2021, here is my list.

1. Carter
2. Trump
3. Bush
4. Biden
5. Clinton
6. Obama

Bush ahead of Biden due to better health monitoring for a sitting president.

3 of the list was born in 1946 oddly.
Wed Nov 18 12:58:29
One can only hope darth turtle and Richard Shelby (nasa's deadweight) will be soon ash.
Wed Nov 18 13:03:33
"3 of the list was born in 1946 oddly."

Nope, they were created by the alien technology we stole from the Nazis.
Wed Nov 18 13:05:28
Obama is young and relatively healthy, but he is black and a smoker ( or was) but he will probably outlive them all, might be close with W.
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