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Utopia Talk / Politics / Impeachment are not taken seriously
Tue Nov 17 16:04:19

Now the Republicans want to impeach Whitmer.

Does anyone really take these seriously anymore? like O thinkn Clinton deserved it, not to be kicked out of office, but maybe something lighter, he lied under oath as a sitting potus.

Now I dont think anyone even takes these seriously anymore.
Tue Nov 17 16:34:45
It is pretty evident that republicans do not take them seriously.
large member
Tue Nov 17 17:51:55
The president was censured. A move that was confirmed later by the electorate when Trump lost the election. Just like the GOP suggested it should be.
Tue Nov 17 18:25:11
It just seems to me that any polarizing figure in politics anymore and you hear talks of impeachment over what really should not warrant an impeachment.

Yes I include Trump in that. Neat him at the ballot box, as it appears they did with Trump.

Tue Nov 17 18:52:04
"Yes I include Trump in that."

We already knew you were moronic, you didn't need to restate or confirm.
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