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Utopia Talk / Politics / masterrace dominates all
The Children
Tue Nov 17 14:22:24

the king of kings shittin on all other peasants
Tue Nov 17 14:24:23
The world's sole yellow supremacist.
The Children
Tue Nov 17 15:02:21
full masterrace domination at display.

The Children
Thu Nov 19 02:02:39
masterrace got all da games.

go back 2 ur snes roms, kid. u aint got no games.


majority of nominees, all masterrace only!

on every award site/ medium/ games related studios.

get owned, get rekted.
The Children
Thu Nov 19 06:59:07
u aint got no games coz all da games is where masterrace is at.

u hear me. do u even understand, haha. doesnt seem like ur brain is capable of understandin how inferior ur iz at.

no games. capiche.

we dominate half da chartz. half da frikkin chartz are masterrace exclusives. lmao no words can describe such pure superior dominance.

go back 2 ur 16 bits, peasants.

The Children
Thu Nov 19 07:02:17
"The most nominated publishers for #TheGameAwards this year:

- PlayStation: 22
- Xbox: 8
- Nintendo: 5 "


peons. peasants, them crops need harvestin.
renzo marQuez
Thu Nov 19 07:08:42
Sony is a Jap company. A masterrace compared to Chinks for sure. See Nanking. Lulz.
smart dude
Thu Nov 19 08:21:42
"console wars" are only interesting for poor people
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