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Utopia Talk / Politics / Sweden: "It’s going to get worse"
Mon Nov 16 11:50:07
Sweden is now following the new European normality


Sweden is switching from its voluntary lockdowns, with a much harsher approach that will see public events of more than eight people banned.

The Nordic country was one of the few countries that didn’t go into an enforced lockdown, and has rejected the need for masks. In October, it drew up guidelines for a voluntary lockdown in cities worst hit by coronavirus.

Read: Sweden prepares to join the rest of the world with lockdowns — but they are voluntary

But in a dramatic U-turn on Monday, new restrictions will no longer be a recommendation but enshrined in law as part of Sweden’s Public Order Act, which means there will be harsh penalties. Lawbreakers could face up to six months in prison or fines.

The restriction is aimed at public events such as sporting events and concerts, but doesn’t extend to private gatherings.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told his citizens: “It’s going to get worse. Do your duty and take responsibility to stop the spread of infection.

“There should not be social situations with more than eight people even if they are not formally affected by the law. This is the new norm for the whole society, for all of Sweden. Don’t go to the gym. Don’t go to the library. Don’t have dinners. Don’t have parties. Cancel.”

Previously, events had been limited to 50 and then relaxed to 300 in some situations, although different regions implement different restrictions.

The infection rate peaked at 5,764 new daily cases on Nov. 11, according to the Worldometers website. It also shows there are 177, 355 cases in total on Nov. 16. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 6,164 deaths among Sweden’s relatively small population of 10 million, according to Worldometers, which had peaked at 115 a day in April.
Mon Nov 16 12:56:28
Isnt that already the national motto " it gonna get worse"
large member
Mon Nov 16 16:59:22
You are confusing it with Kentucky's state motto "We suck, but you blow".
Wrath of Orion
Mon Nov 16 17:09:42
"You are confusing it with Kentucky's state motto 'We suck, but you blow'."

Wait. Are you sure it's not, "Brothers and sisters are fair game"?
Mon Nov 16 21:39:16
Tue Nov 17 02:17:57
The shit has hit the proverbial fan. They are talking about scorched earth to combat the virus. Kill the uninfected and bam, you got herd immunity.
Tue Nov 17 06:12:45
Kentucky, State motto, 'Incest is a game the whole family can enjoy'
Tue Nov 17 10:26:14
Why now? They hate Christmas?
Tue Nov 17 11:18:24
Europe probably is used to shitty holidays.They dont even have Thanksgiving.
Tue Nov 17 12:00:44
Hab, not sure if that is true. Can you believe that brazil celebrates thanksgiving?
Tue Nov 17 12:31:00
I knew Canada does, and a few other countries in the Americas.

I remember the Germans that would.come to my German class and talk in HS lobed the idea.

It really is the best holiday put there, Drink, feast gather the family and watch movies for a day, you know what I want Xmas? Thanksgiving.
Wed Nov 18 08:28:11
This whole handling of Covid lock downs and when to ease up, reminds me of a diagram I saw at a physical rehab center. It described my own stupid behavior at the time. You go back to training too soon, thinking "I knew it, I AM invincible", and injure yourself again, perhaps even worse, thus ending up in even longer rehab.

You da man champ!
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