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Utopia Talk / Politics / unrealistic hollow emptyhead golddiggin
The Children
Sun Nov 15 10:44:54
ho se.

its gettin crazier and crazier by the day. obviously they r encouraged by da golddiggin likes of amber jumped from johnny to elon heard.

u have these crazies nowadays who expect 2 marry a billionaire and live a lifestyle like paris hilton.

like wtf? checkin her out and she aint even a 6. maybe with massive make up and propaa lightin and 4 beers, she can be a 7.5 but she complains about simps complainin about golddiggas while SHE FRIKKIN HAS A PROFILE THAT SAYS SHE WANTS 2 MARRY A BILLIONAIRE ONLY SO SHE CAN LIVE LIKE PARIS...

these golddiggas r going crazy
Sun Nov 15 11:10:07
women will always be attracted to men with money because it gives her a secure foundation for her and all the children, shoes and hand bags that she wants.

It is like the birds. The male bird has to work really hard to build a nice nest to attract a female. A single misplaced twig can mean that all the famales reject him. And... no twigs, no females.
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