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Utopia Talk / Politics / Judge rules Homeland S. head has no auth
Sat Nov 14 20:24:42

So, he was appointed by Trump, but never officially confirmed by the Senate ( for whatever reason) so they ruled he legally had no authority to do the whole DACA speil.

Now this is seen as a blow to Trumo since he can not act as an " acting chief" as he had been.

But this also means Biden can't appoint an acting chief without approval of the Senate, which likley will be 52-48. This is great news.
the wanderer
Sat Nov 14 21:17:32
he was put into the position via shenanigans

see Appointment and Dispute sections:

Sat Nov 14 21:27:45
> Implying the executive requires a secretary to repeal an executive order
the wanderer
Sat Nov 14 21:37:30
Trump supports DACA and said all Rs do... as the spineless Rs stood silent in the background, feeling their souls devoured...
Sat Nov 14 22:53:15
Was this before or after some faggot judge that should be tarred and feathered said that an EO can't be repealed, with the retard trying to save face?
the wanderer
Sun Nov 15 00:23:50
before... @17:00

"we want DACA to happen. We all — everybody, I think I can speak for everybody — we want John Cornyn from Texas — we all want DACA to happen"

Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Pence, Mitch, all standing there
Sun Nov 15 00:27:33
Ah, yes. DACA legislation.

An actual, Constitutional solution
Sun Nov 15 01:18:24
DACA as it exists now is cruel. People have to go back every year (might be two years but I think it is one) and reapply to stay in the United States. If they get someone along the process in a bad mood a simple traffic ticket could have them packing up and leaving the country. It costs them almost $500 every time they have to renew.
There needs to be a better system to allow these people to stay in country.
Sun Nov 15 03:56:13
Foreskin doesn't even make sense anymore. It's all just insane rage using terminology that sounds like it was written by a lawyer but is really just mumbo jumbo.
Sun Nov 15 18:58:53
It's "mumbo jumbo" to say that Congress can legislate long-term immigration solutions, that the President can utilize existing granted power to modify terms (such as temporary travel bans), and can also repeal existing EO's.

And that judges who reject these basic truths in favor of muh feels should be disbarred and flipping burgers.

After a good tarring/feathering, and perhaps a day in the stocks
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