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Utopia Talk / Politics / Why do you make him suffer?
Average Ameriacn
Sat Nov 14 15:44:59
Even his hair turns gray... Just give him his presidency back, please!!!!!!


While President Trump made his first post-election remarks to discuss the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, his silver-toned hair, a variation on his trademark blond locks, caused a stir.

During the live press conference Friday, the president elaborated on Operation Warp Speed, an effort to deliver a free COVID-19 vaccine to the public and his commitment to preventing another nationwide lockdown.

However, his hair appeared to be a different shade, noticeably grayer and less blond than usual, and Twitter took notice.

Trump’s hair has offered intrigue for its distinct comb-over style and yellow-blond hue. In the 2018 book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, writer Michael Wolff claims the president’s daughter Ivanka describes his coif as “an absolutely clean pate — a contained island after scalp-reduction ­surgery — surrounded by a furry circle of hair around the sides and front, from which all ends are drawn up to meet in the center and then swept back and secured by a stiffening spray.” The color, wrote Wolff, is achieved with the drugstore brand Just for Men.

Could Trump be in on the joke? In March, he delivered remarks on the growing coronavirus pandemic, revealing a lighter set of locks. “And my hair is blowing around, and it’s mine,” he said. At the time, historian Alexis Coe told Vogue of his look, “It’s about optics — Trump is trying to distract from his late, dangerous, and sometimes fatal messaging around coronavirus.”

Perhaps the president’s most recent gray look was a consequence of lighting, dark stage makeup, an ashier dye or age (when he was elected in 2016, President Trump, then-70, was the oldest president to take office). Stress could also cause hair to turn gray, as Harvard University researchers discovered in a January study conducted on mice, due to hair follicle damage caused by the physiological “flight-or-flight” response.

Sat Nov 14 15:56:27
He needs to get back to the bacta tank on Mustafar immediately.
Sun Nov 15 05:19:56
hab in with the random sw reference.

in seriousness, it is almost like trump is a human being and has aged after being president of the us.
Sun Nov 15 05:24:22
Trump is on a ton of uppers. You can always tell the crimes he's actually committed because he always projects onto others the things he himself does.

Like he hasn't groped and assaulted women a million times worse than Biden ever did.

Or corruptly favored his children.

Or committed mass voter fraud by trying to sabotage the USPS.

He's a total and complete scumbag and people have to bend over backwards to defend him or deflect from his crimes.
Tue Nov 17 10:31:46
"in seriousness, it is almost like trump is a human being and has aged after being president of the us."

Don't act stupider than you already are. Trump is 72. His natural hair color, if he even has any left, is not California-blonde.
Tue Nov 17 11:17:12
I thought he was 74.
Tue Nov 17 11:47:57
Tue Nov 17 11:49:30
Much like the last megalomaniac we had as POTUS (Nixon), as he has resigned himself to the fact that he's done, you can see the almost instant aging on his face.
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