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Utopia Talk / Politics / Israel did this for Trump
Average Ameriacn
Sat Nov 14 05:59:53
Because Trump and Natenyahoo have such a good relationship.
I don't think that Biden would have achieved that.


Israeli agents killed Al Qaeda's No. 2 official on street in Iran: report

By Tal Axelrod - 11/13/20

Israeli agents assassinated Al Qaeda’s No. 2 official in a shooting in Tehran three months ago, eliminating a mastermind behind the deadly 1998 attacks on American embassies in Africa.

Intelligence officials confirmed to The New York Times that two Israeli agents were acting at the behest of the U.S. when they shot Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah from a motorcycle on Aug. 7, the anniversary of the embassy bombings. His daughter Miriam, the widow of Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza bin Laden, was also killed.

It was unclear exactly how involved the U.S. was in the clandestine operation. The White House and the National Security Council did not respond to request for comments from The Hill.

Abdullah’s death had been rumored for months though had not been confirmed until Friday.

Abdullah was one of the terrorist group’s founding members and was believed to be the second-in-command to Al Qaeda’s current leader, Ayman al-Zawahri. The U.S. had a $10 million bounty on his head over the 1998 bombings.

The location of his killing is surprising, given that Iran, a Shiite country, and Al Qaeda, a militant Sunni group, are sworn enemies. Al Qaeda and Iran’s proxy groups have fought on battlefields scattered across the Middle East. However, Tehran does have a track record of supporting Sunni groups, including Hamas and the Taliban.

The intelligence officials told The Times that Abdullah had been in Iranian “custody” since 2003, but was virtually living as a free man in Tehran since 2015.

Iran initially tried to cover up the killing, saying the dead man was Habib Daoud, a Lebanese history professor and a member of Hezbollah, a Lebanese Shiite militant group bankrolled by Tehran.

The killing follows a pattern for Israel, which has used shootings and targeted bombings to take out terrorists and nuclear scientists in Iran’s borders.
Sat Nov 14 06:04:08
I blame Iran for Al-Qaeda now.

btw, wtf is up with my autocorrect that it recognizes al-Qaeda and yet it doesn't recognize like 1/3 of regularly used proper nouns.
Average Ameriacn
Sat Nov 14 06:11:00
Did you buy a used phone? Did the seller look like a foreigner? Like an Arab?
Sat Nov 14 06:22:49
I think it was Iran's security service who killed the al-Qaida guy.

I think what happened was that Israel killed that Lebanese history professor which was a member of Hezbollah. Iran then killed the Al-Qaida leader as a retaliation. Why was the al-Qaida leader in Iran anyways? He was obviously an Israeli agent. Iran knew this and did let him operate in the country under surveillance and they fed him with false information that he could forward to Israel, Saudi and USA. Iran had him under control so to speak. But when Israel killed the Lebanese professor, Iran said 'fuck it' and killed Israel's agent. A big blow to Israel, Saudi and Trump.

Anything else you read in American or Israeli news is just disinformation, propaganda and fake news.
Sat Nov 14 06:54:38
"Why was the al-Qaida leader in Iran anyways? "

That's my bigfest take away too.
Sat Nov 14 11:12:34
Iran says reports Al-Qaeda official killed in Tehran 'made up'

Iran said Saturday that a New York Times report that Al-Qaeda's second-in-command had been secretly killed in Tehran was based on "made-up information" and denied the presence of any of the group's members.

Iran's foes, the United States and Israel, "try to shift the responsiblity for the criminal acts of (Al-Qaeda) and other terrorist groups in the region and link Iran to such groups with lies and by leaking made-up information to the media," foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a statement.



Sat Nov 14 19:01:29
This happened in early Aug!!! Anther big media fraud.
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