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Utopia Talk / Politics / Was the election stolen?
Fri Nov 06 21:20:57
Kanye received more votes than George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

He is the true president.

Fri Nov 06 21:27:31
Yay! Someone followed up on my 1788 election stats.

I finally feel like my time on my board is validated.
the wanderer
Fri Nov 06 21:45:20
he tweeted "KANYE 2024" so I guess running again, that's almost as much effort as he put into the 2020 run / walk
Fri Nov 06 22:54:54
Damn I knew I should have said people would announce their campaigns for 2024 before we know the 2020 winners in my election prediction.

I said at least three would announce 2022 campaigns. I'm still going to count this as an almost.
werewolf dictator
Thu Nov 12 19:36:58
bidens chief of staff says [in 2014] that usa elections are rigged


so when [if ever] according to bidens chief of staff did they stop being rigged..
Thu Nov 12 19:42:18
For context he was referencing gerrymandering and not fraud as in forged ballots or whatnot. But he did say the majority of elections were rigged.
Thu Nov 12 19:42:59
An actual run by Ye would seriously hurt the democrats.

Hope he does it.
Thu Nov 12 19:46:35
um, he just ran.
Thu Nov 12 23:28:01
Leave it to WW to take a Republican stance (can't even say conservative anymore, because Republicans have mostly become something far removed from real conservatism) using the quotes of someone completely out of context as validation.

Elections being "rigged" by setting up voter boundaries that minimizes the voting block power of citizens opposed to one's own political party - aka gerrymandering - is not the same thing as conspiracy to get fraudulent ballets counted.

I feel this in Utah ever election as the Republicans which are always in control over the last 5 decades have split the most liberal area - Salt Lake valley area - into multiple districts, each reaching out into far more Republican areas.

If SLC could vote as a single district it would be heavily Democrat. But it's "rigged" by the Republicans to keep minority party's votes split up.
Fri Nov 13 06:46:18
Hrothgar, Are there other reasonable answers as to why the district os split?

I get that gerrymandering happens but I also get that both parties have certain geographical dis/advantages.

For Republicans, they tend to spread out, which makes it more difficult to get high vote counts , it helps win multiple communities.

Send tend to live in clusters, which is beneficial to get higher vote counts but also means you really will only control a small amount of communities and you will have those communities often be 90%+ Dem.

I have a freind oit that way, he just bought a place like a year ago.

PS. I did add context to WwD's post earlier.
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