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Utopia Talk / Politics / cyberpunk looks underwhelmin...
The Children
Fri Jul 10 07:40:31

like yea, pretty underwhelmin so far. maybe its coz we got spoiled so badly with last of us 2.


its almost like playin a ps3 game.

completely downgraded
Fri Jul 10 08:46:14
Looks like pretty solid graphics, but it is PS4 graphics not PS5. Last of us isn't open world, there is still a price tag for making your game open world. Not with PS5 though.

How does it make you feel that you won't be able to buy the PS5 at launch?
Fri Jul 10 09:05:11
It looks like GTA in the future.

Not very impressed with the graphics or the voices.
Fri Jul 10 09:22:05
The faces of random creeps from LoU2 that exist only to be shot in the face look about the same as the unimportant faces in the Cyberpunk trailer. Put Jackie's face against any of the main characters from Last of us and the quality looks about the same.

Suggesting that the graphics aren't as good because you're comparing apples to oranges is a disingenuous argument.
The Children
Fri Jul 10 09:22:56
graphics r ok.

i was talkin about the blend gameplay, the dull boring, often fallouty 3 last gen era gameplay.

clunky skyrim combatty crap, slow repetitive, ragdolls seem like ragdolls and not like real motion capture like with sony games, the voices r terrible,

it doesnt look like gta in the future at all. it looks like a rip off gta future.

at this point, it looks bland and underwhelmin.

The Children
Fri Jul 10 09:24:38
fuck u, last of u faces dunt look anywhere near as dull and pathetic.

they also move there lips when they talk and make facial expressions like real peoples.

cyberpunk, only the main characters do that. go watch the later parts where they fight a few baddies, random npc. its slow, its clunky, its boring, the npc looks like ragdolls from ps3 games.

the driving looks boring as fuck. it feels totally off.
Fri Jul 10 09:27:03
"its slow, its clunky, its boring, the npc looks like ragdolls from ps3 games."

Someone accidentally revealing he didn't play last of us. It's slow and clunky and the npcs are pretty stupid. Except LoU2 is already released, whereas Cyberpunk is showing various stages of development.
The Children
Fri Jul 10 09:36:04
rofl i think urs nigga ass better replay last of us 2 again.

which part of da followin is slow and clunky.

ellie walks, elle runs, ellie crawls, prones, crouch, moves slow, moves fast, throws bottle, throws brick, lay on ur back and shoot, distract, lure and detonate, hostage, headshot, shoot arm, disarm, shoot leg, melee execute, melee block, melee dodge, melee fist, melee bat, melee machete, melee hammer, melee everything u think of, choke, break neck, jump, jump and slash, jump and shoot, jump and melee, snipe, stealth, rambo.

u fuckin idiot, do u even game.

The Children
Fri Jul 10 10:23:54
yea, thats right, i just made u look like a noob.

in all honesty, it was easy makin u look like a fool.

those were some retarded comments. tryin 2 claim cyberpunk didnt look stale and clunky and boring, while claimin it was da same as in Last of us 2...


take off those cyberpunk goggles, and smell the frikkin roses.

Fri Jul 10 10:51:31
Ellie can't walk around her horse's ass without clipping against it and standing still like a turdmuffin. Stray edges of bookcases and random debris on the ground also clip her and restrict movement. The combat system is vastly improved from the first game, but it is again slow and clunky; it's pretty clear the game was made for stealth and letting you take time on your shots.

The game isn't a fast paced shooter by any means. It is slow, methodical, and the scenery works against you constantly. Doesn't mean it isn't fun.
The Children
Fri Jul 10 10:54:27
of course, keep nitpickin, kid.

lmao its like a 1000x superior to skyrim clunky battleness.

enjoy skymrim clunky battleness at cyberpunk. fool.
Fri Jul 10 10:58:18
Nobody was talking about skyrim.

Fri Jul 10 11:05:47
All of these action adventure games look exactly the same to me.
Sat Jul 11 14:36:20
Its and RPG, not an action adventure game you uncivilized heathen!
Renzo Marquez
Sat Jul 11 14:39:53
Clip from a VR sim game of a PS4 user's life:

The Children
Sat Jul 11 17:12:51
"Nobody was talking about skyrim. "

>> it sure looked like skyrim 2077 to me!

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