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Utopia Talk / Politics / I expect the USA to
Fri Jul 10 04:57:23
and the EU to condemn and sanction Greece now.

A new law violates people’s human rights, and the police is attacking demonstrators!


Greece passes law regulating demonstrations, thousands march in Athens

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece’s parliament approved a bill on Thursday regulating street demonstrations as thousands marched through central Athens to denounce the new law.

Demonstrators protect themselves from tear gas as they clash with riot police during a demonstration against government plans to regulate street protests, in front of the parliament building in Athens, Greece, July 9, 2020. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis
The law was introduced by Greece’s conservative government in an attempt to regulate demonstrations which it says cause frequent disruptions to the public and affect commerce.

About 10,000 demonstrators rallied outside parliament holding banners reading “hands off demonstrations”. A group of protesters who peeled off from the main group threw petrol bombs at police, who responded with teargas.

The bill mandates the appointment of a liaison officer, restrictions on demonstrations or outright bans if authorities deem they threaten public safety. It also holds organisers accountable for harm or damage caused by protesters.

The new legislation was approved by 187 lawmakers in the 300-seat parliament.

Street protests occur frequently in Greece, which is still recovering from a deep socioeconomic crisis that erupted in late 2009 and led to three international bailouts on tough austerity terms.

During the crisis, Syntagma Square in front of parliament was the scene of large anti-austerity protests, some of which turned violent. Demonstrations have continued during the economic recovery but turnout has fallen.

“One’s freedom to protest is as valuable as another person’s freedom to reach the hospital, his work, his home,” said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a parliamentary address supporting the bill.

The new rules aim to replace a 1971 junta decree restricting rallies. Unionists and opposition parties accuse the government of acting preemptively to quash any opposition to possible fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

“The government ... dares boldly with a junta-inspired bill to promote new restrictions to quash and destroy a main democratic right, which our people conquered through bloody battles,” unionist Dimitris Karagiannis said before the vote.
Fri Jul 10 05:13:56
Are they giving life sentences to the protestors?

Are prominent political opposition leaders " disappearing"

Did they ban any opposition from internet like they did in HK just the other day?

Oh its a false equivelancy.
The Children
Fri Jul 10 05:39:30
lies lies and more lies.

who gave life sentences. where who what.

oh u mean someone fightin for secession can theorectically be given life in prison...

but last i checked, thats still way better than the death penalty which is the sentence in MERICAA!!

mericanbigots lmao.

whose disappearin who. where what.

lmao who got banned from internet. where and what.

where do u people pull out ur crap. from ur smelly asses?

u literally wrote 4 sentences and all 4 are lies.

Fri Jul 10 06:03:14

See my other thread for a link to who disappeared.
The Children
Fri Jul 10 06:41:24
nobody disappeared, u dumb fuck.

there r those who fled. 2 ur shithole or someother shithole country.

nathan law went to yale, the rest of them scum will go 2 jail.

Will as in future tense. hasnt happened it. u dumb fuck.

they all walk free even as we speak but ur right they shuldve been locked up awaitin there trials.

Fri Jul 10 08:52:39
Habebe, what is the punishment for subversive activities, separatism and terrorism in the US? Life sentence?

Btw, doesn’t the US jail people for many years for possession of marijuana? lol

And if you are caught shoplifting in the US there is a death penalty that is carried out immediately by the police officer.
Fri Jul 10 13:09:22
Paramount, Like making fun of the president? People have made careers about it, in HK now you can't even watch winnie the pooh.

"Btw, doesn’t the US jail people for many years for possession of marijuana? lol"

What? Where do you get your info? Even in areas where it isnt legal its usually 30 days probation.

The US has its problems. But that doesn't excuse China regardless. Just as the revwrae. Isn't true either.
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