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The Children
Wed Jul 08 13:01:22
i decided i wuld walk with hatred goggles on for 1 day and look at the world through americanbigotry goggles.

and lol and behold i found this.


it exposes communism in china! the evil chinese r exposed. so much evil. i culdnt believe my eyes.

not for rugiot coz this will only make him go even crazier and extremer than he already is. we dunt want ww3 to start do we.

anyway, im takin my bigotry goggles off in 4 more hours.

then ur country is 3rd world shithole again

The Children
Thu Jul 09 10:31:22
thats right, urs a 3rd world mudhut.

and fast becoming. the man shows u the truth. ur being brainwashed becoz urs is a 3rd world brain washing mudhut.

Thu Jul 09 10:44:20
Xu Zhangrun: Outspoken professor detained in China

06 July 2020 China

A professor who criticised China's handling of the coronavirus crisis has been detained by authorities.

Xu Zhangrun, who has been under house arrest, was taken away from his Beijing home on Monday, friends said.

The law professor has previously spoken out against the Mao-like cult of personality which has returned under China's current leader, Xi Jinping.

Police have not commented publicly on the arrest, and it is unclear what charges Mr Xu faces.

One friend told news agency AFP that Mr Xu's wife had received a call telling her he was accused of soliciting prostitution while in the city of Chengdu with other liberal academics.

The friend dismissed the allegation as "ridiculous".

Freedom of expression is tightly controlled in China, with those who speak out against authorities risking arrest and jail sentences.

'Mentally prepared'

Friends say as many as 20 people appeared at Mr Xu's house early in the morning, seizing his computer and papers.

Geng Xiaonan, a friend of the professor, told the New York Times he was "mentally prepared to be taken away".

"He kept a bag with clothes and a toothbrush hanging on his front door so he would be ready for this," she said.

A BBC Beijing correspondent says Mr Xu has been treading an ever more dangerous path.

He had been barred from teaching at Tsinghua University - one of the country's top institutions - after he spoke out against the removal of presidential term limits , allowing Mr Xi to remain in post for life.

He was placed under house arrest earlier this year after publishing an article criticising the way President Xi and the government had handled the coronavirus outbreak. He suggested it might be the last one he ever wrote.

The Children
Thu Jul 09 10:51:02
U need 2 try harder, whitey.


When six FBI agents knocked on Li Xiao-Jiang’s suburban Atlanta home last November, he knew that his life built around 23 years as a top neuroscientist at Emory University might fall completely apart.

He had just flown back from China for the first time after he was fired in May 2019. “I came back because I felt I did nothing wrong,” Li said in a recent interview. “I was shocked.”

Things were already dire before Li was arrested and charged with theft of federal funds. Just a few months earlier, the school’s officials fired the tenured professor, raided his lab and forced his postdoctoral students out of the US.

Then, in May, prosecutors dismissed all of the charges against him, with Li pleading guilty only to filing false tax returns.

Now Li has spoken publicly for the first time since the case was settled, revealing that the original charges had stemmed, in part, from Emory providing incomplete documentation to the FBI even though he had informed the university about his simultaneous work with Chinese labs, as required.


3rd world mudhut
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