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Utopia Talk / Politics / san francisco tech ceo thinks hecanbully
The Children
Wed Jul 08 01:16:40
usin hiw powa and position.

well fuck his whitey priviledge ass and fuck his ratbrain IQ.

San Francisco tech CEO kicked out of Carmel Valley restaurant following racist rant caught on camera


lol he aint in redneck vill, he is in san fransico who the fuck he think he threatenin.

The Children
Wed Jul 08 01:18:32
like rugiot he thought china wuld fall...


lmao the rugiots around the world have been sayin china wuld fall for over 40 years now...

newsflash, ur delusional. china is here 2 stay for another 3000 years.

thats 2950 years longer than ur empire lol
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