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Utopia Talk / Politics / 2020 Football Predictions
Renzo Marquez
Tue Jul 07 19:24:50
College football: There is none.
NFL: There are no regular season games.
sam adams
Tue Jul 07 20:40:30
Nflers are goven the first vaccines in october. Belichick and scam Newton win the superbowl.
Tue Jul 07 22:37:46
Kapernick will sue the NFL for not letting him start. This will happen whether there is a season or not.
College football maybe a late season and conference play only?
The NFL will have a season. They will expand the inactive roster with a special rule that the additional spots can only be used to replace players that test positive. The Patriots will break that rule placing players with minor injuries on the list and the league will do nothing about it.
Wed Jul 08 00:06:17
Kapernic has a sweet contract doing videos on racism for ESPN now. Why should he give a fuck about.football? Very high risk job amd he will probably get paid more $ now.
Wed Jul 08 09:19:38
As long as the Eagles beat Dallas twice I don't care :)
Wed Jul 08 09:27:45
I dont see any sports this year. Too late to start practice. No one is willing to have thousand of fans around each other for 3/4hours.
Wed Jul 08 09:29:15
Fyi, i was doing summer camp as a coach on the side for water polo and my district cancelled everything until spring on monday.
Wed Jul 08 11:17:57
NCAAF season is sporadic. Some teams/conferences play(SEC), others do not.

NFL - Season goes as normal, without fans.
Wed Jul 08 12:10:29
"water polo"

Is this mt finally coming out of the closet?
Wed Jul 08 12:16:02
"Belichick and scam Newton win the superbowl."

Yeah, I don't know about that one. Could happen, sure, but I don't see it. Lets say Cam plays a little better than Brady did last season, while the rest of the team performs the same. How likely are Pats to beat Mahomes' Chiefs in such scenario? Doesn't seem very likely to me.
Thu Jul 09 00:01:13
I don't think the Chiefs will be that good. Mahomes just got paid. They will lose a lot of pieces.
sam adams
Thu Jul 09 08:35:07
Ya their prognosis a few years from now aint great, but they still have enough pieces to compete this year.
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