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Utopia Talk / Politics / True Irony at Anti-Police Protest
Tue Jul 07 17:04:52

Back in June, same group marched yelling stuff like:

"Make sure they know they are not welcome at our protests," Bruce Franks Jr. saidover the megaphone about the police. Franks, who participated in the 2014 Ferguson protests and served on the Missouri House of Representatives before recently moving to Tempe, was tired of officers following their marches.

"This ain't your photo op!"


"Officers equipped in riot gear lined up one by one across Cave Creek Road and slowly took steps forward as protesters yelled, “We are on the sidewalk?” Others yelled “I don’t see no riot here, why are you in riot gear?”"

Yet, here they were met by counter protesters and immediately Mr Anti-police "we don't need you" starts pissing himself and looking around for police.

"Neither Johnson nor Christian recalled seeing any officers, however, and both said the crowds dissipated without the department's intervention.
Christian's group of protesters have often shunned police at their events — "We don't want them to try to tell us what to do or where to go," he said — but the Fourth of July event felt different, he said.
When the threat of danger seemed real, he looked in vain for a sign that an authority would protect them if shots were fired.
For an agency sworn to protect all people, he said, "You would think that when we're being threatened and intimidated on public property, that they would take into their own hands to come and make sure that everybody was OK.""
Tue Jul 07 17:14:52
Why do you need a police when you can just buy your own guns and protect yourself?
Tue Jul 07 17:30:12
Paramount -

That would rely on entrusting your safety & well-being with yourself rather than with the government. Leftists tend to wilt in that sort of situation.
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