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Utopia Talk / Politics / Dont hit on Assad's daughter
Mon Jul 06 03:51:52
"A Syrian soldier who posted a series of videos on social media declaring his undying love for Bashar Al Assad’s teenage daughter has been allegedly arrested and beaten in the latest brutal crackdown by the regime, Saudi media reported.

Despite warnings from the public, Yazan Soltani continued posting videos on social media, declaring his love for Zain Al Sham, 16, Assad’s only daughter.

“I love you, I really love you,” Soltani says in one clip. “I’m crazy about you. You are mine and I am yours. Be mine,” he said in a short video that sparked an uproar in Syria.

“You will be mine forever, until the end of time, I won’t give up on you, no matter what,” he says.

While some cheered him for his love, most warned him of the dangers of trifling with the Al Assad family.

During Syria’s almost decade-long civil war hundreds of thousands have been killed and tens of thousands of regime opponents have disappeared into prisons.

On Saturday, a post appeared on Soltani’s Facebook page apparently written by his brother claiming that he had been arrested and beaten.

Other messages posted on the account since then have called for US President Donald Trump to assassinate Bashar Al Assad and for “the hero Yazan” to be released."

Mon Jul 06 12:09:52
I understand Syria probably has a different culture regarding teenage girls, but if a 20 something(or older, hard to tell) soldier started posting videos of how in love he is with my 16 year old daughter, I would beat his ass too.
Mon Jul 06 13:18:34
The Children
Mon Jul 06 13:33:42
lol u fuckin idiots.

so they beat up a stalker and a creep who prfessed his love 2 her without ever knowin her. how is this bad.

how do we twist this shit into ugly and evil.

do we know they know eachother. do we know the kids hang out 2gether and is the feeling is mutual.

becoz if its not than its just some creep professin his love when the other doesnt want anything 2 do with him. probably doesnt even know him.

so how is this gettin twisted again.

merican idiots.

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