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Utopia Talk / Politics / japanese carmaker triples mexican wages
The Children
Sun Jul 05 13:52:11
choses 2 triple mexican wages rather than movin jobs 2 usa...


oh yes, great news for mexican brothers.

r u tired of winnin yet?

Sun Jul 05 14:07:17
Um, All they did was pay the minimum wage set by the USMCA
Average Ameriacn
Sun Jul 05 14:09:09
They will buy American goods for their higher wages, we win anyway. MAGA!
Sun Jul 05 14:50:23
Plus the assembly men will get 16/HR tonput the car together, using at least 70% US steel, so wherenis the down side.
Mon Jul 06 00:54:40
Wooo, Trump just made cars more expensive without new US jobs. /winning right?
Mon Jul 06 06:38:49
Why would that close a plant down in Mexico when they have NO labor laws and environmental laws to contend with and their biggest expense is bribing Mexican politicians to not allow any of those pesky things to interfere with business.

Don't know what the wage was before but I doubt it was much. When I was down there about 25 years ago it was around $6 a day.
Mon Jul 06 07:06:11
Apparently minimum wage is around $5.50 USD. It WAS more like $6.50 at the start of the year but Covid has wreaked havoc on the exchange rate.
Mon Jul 06 13:39:27
When I said MW I meant specifically for auto manufacturing.

USMCA makes Mexico pay 16/hr or more for autoworkers and they have to use a higher minimum of US steel.

Hood, Well , we will get more Steel jobs and as for the AW jobs, a better off Mexico is good for the US.
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