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Utopia Talk / Politics / this society/ generation is FUCKED up.
The Children
Sun Jul 05 13:16:49
so we all know "influencers" r makin millions.
a bunch of fuckin noname losers not good enough 4 movies, hollywood and shit but they stream, they make retarded shit on youtube, instagram and the other bullshit.

like get this, it is gettin worse.

i just saw a video on youtube bout some chick gettin rich from fans payin her moniez.

this shit is so fucked up. they post some content, the fans PAY THEM. PAY THEM MOTHERFUCKERS. and they get rich doing this shit.

like this chick claims she isnt doing porn and nudes but was showin us how much she made. she made frikkin 30 grand in 5 months.


meanwhile real peoples like us have 2 slave away every day doing menial shitty jobs we hate while earnin nottin.

how fucked up is whitey society.
The Children
Sun Jul 05 13:19:16
saw another video of a 3 mill ferrari and some soccer player drivin it in london.

well FUCK this shit man.

why didnt they tell us 2 do that shit when we were kids. every day, i wonder why the fuck arent we makin that kind of moniez.

how fucked up is this.

everyone gathered round that car like HORSEFLIES SWARMIN IN ON SHIT.

so we shuldve been athletes, actors, models.
and that didnt work out, we shuldve been influencers.

is it even possible still. or are we too old 4 that shit now.
Sun Jul 05 16:15:37
You can do it too. Start a youtube channel and get people to pay you moneys. All you need to do is to create some kind of content and get subscribers and then ask them to support you (to send you money).
Sun Jul 05 17:00:11
They probably did tell you to do that shit when you were in school. You were either to lazy or not talented enough. Just a guess.
The cool thing for you is there are a lot of people out there who will pay to watch other people humiliate themselves so all you need is a camera following you around and I think you are golden.
Mon Jul 06 03:19:57
The trick is to have huge tits. Most of the conservative posters here already meet this requirement, but unfortunately they're not the kind of huge tits the internet is looking for.
Mon Jul 06 04:34:31
The Children
We can still makes a deal for the "My dream of China©" show. This could be you, in China! We could have a whole eating bats/pangolin episode, trust me it will be huge.
Mon Jul 06 09:24:13
As Nimatzo said you had your chance. You could have been a star by now with 1 million followers and a golden playstation at home.

Mon Jul 06 16:47:36
Why not start a youtube channel and post videos where you play games and talk? Man, imagine getting paid to play games?

Perhaps you won’t be able to live on it for the first year or two. But just keep posting them videos and eventually you might actually have a decent income. What you got to lose? You are playing games anyways, so why not record it and talk some shit while you are playing. If you start to make moneys from it, well that’s good, right? If not, well you are playing the games anyways ... so. You can only benefit and win by posting videos.

Look at this girl for an example http://www.youtube.com/c/Marzz if she can do it you can do it too

I might start my own channel and monetize my videos. I’m not expecting to get rich fast but the moneys will come. It’s like a passive income. I’ll do my ordinary job and I’ll play games, and then all the extra moneys will start to drop down on me while I’m sleeping.
Mon Jul 06 16:59:33
The Children
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.
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