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Utopia Talk / Politics / korean slaves
The Children
Sun Jul 05 12:48:42
why do these koreans put up with this shit.

have they been turned into such slaves and vassals of da american they put up with this shit. can they breathe even.


The Children
Sun Jul 05 12:51:32
these korean slaves have no backbone.

It was bizarre walking through Haeundae last night (the area in the video). Loads of American soldiers, no masks, super obnoxious, major meathead vibe, but the most alarming thing was what was showed.

Dozens of people shooting fireworks off into crowds of people. No regard for others and just a complete embarrassment. But also it really did give the whole area an uneasy feeling of wondering what harm these dopes might actually cause. We walked through with anxiety and awe. Like I said, super bizarre feeling.


disgustin roided merican behavior.
The Children
Sun Jul 05 12:59:18
oh and btw how come this shit happen so often overseas.

becoz this.


mericans arent humans.
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