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Utopia Talk / Politics / chop had fallen
sam adams
Wed Jul 01 10:04:30
Hippies got cleaned
Wed Jul 01 10:46:48
They failed to evolve from anarchy to communism, I have no sympathy for them.
sam adams
Wed Jul 01 11:50:52
There is nothing left but the howling of transgenders, the crying of sebs, and the whimpering of effeminate men.
Wed Jul 01 12:57:23
4 people were shot, 2 were killed in like 2 weeks of that 200 person hippie paradise...

That murder rate equates to about 1/4 people being murdered per year, and 1/2 people being shot per year.
Wed Jul 01 13:12:51
Remember when people lost their shit over this? I bet they feel really foolish now that they see that the idiots dissolved on their own.
Wed Jul 01 13:14:58
Pretty sure that was the plan. Wait until their willpower was broken.

Still 31 arrests by noon though.
Wed Jul 01 13:51:26
Yeah, No one thought they were going to last. Now Id still argue that what they did was a felony, and by such everyone participating is guilty of Felony murder.
sam adams
Wed Jul 01 16:14:49
They shot up two teenage africans in a stolen car.

And said it was legal self defense.

Lol the irony
Wed Jul 01 17:13:03
They didn't dissolve on their own. They tucked tail and ran because they saw what was coming.

A sidebar seems a bit of a coincidence that people from the CHOP zone decided to go protest at the mayors house and then the next day she decided CHOP was getting out of hand.
sam adams
Wed Jul 01 23:18:47
The seattle police chief is a black lady and the blm protesters hate her.
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