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Utopia Talk / Politics / mgtow , the new norm?
The Children
Sun Jul 09 07:36:26
fuck these cucks and golddiggers and menlet haters.


The Children
Mon Jul 10 05:25:07
this is the future i think.

i never heard about this untill recently and then i was immediately like "yea of course!"

it is just so natural, its almost like "yea why didnt i think of this" but in fact we all have. we all have man.

mgtow is "MEN GOING THERE OWN WAY" thats what it means man. this is not feminism but 4 men.

no sir it is not. this is MGTOW, MEN GOING THERE OWN WAY.

r u sick and tired of being judged by women with there ridiculous demands.

u need 2 have moniez. be a rich player. be handsome. be tall, be this, be that. what the fuck. meanwhile if men say a woman is 2 fat, we are immedately called pigs.

we need 2 be ourselves, women say, then women will come. so many men tried 2 be themselves. kept watchin anime, played videogames, etc, but then we be called manbabies. full grown men but with mindset of kids.

so i was surprised 2 learn that there r millions, hundreds of millions of men, followin the same principles MEN GOING THERE OWN WAY.

We say no to marriage. fuck marryin. fuck responsibilities. fuck billz.

coz women will just use u. after demandin hundreds of shits, like a fat bank account. ur not tall enough. not handsome enough, not macho enough etc etc.

but lets say u find a woman, u get married. as soon as a baby pops out, ur done. u got used like the dumbass that u are. coz they rely on u dumpin ur hobbies and passions, wage slave ur body and soul so u can pay 4 monthly billz and expenses and there shoppin habits.

but even if u divorce them, not only will U LOSE HALF WHAT U OWN. but now, ur stuck payin for alimony 4 her and the kids.

thats fuckin right. ur payin 2 keep her unemployed ass from shoppin 4 THE REST OF UR FUCKIN MISERABLE LIFE!!!!

thats why there is MGTOW now.

men going there own way chose not 2 get abused, not 2 get tied up so that golddiggers can abuse u. so that women can look down on u.
its proven time and time again. when u go 2 a club, the women only notice ur clothes, ur gold and bling bling, they r superficial. they look at ur behaviour, ur height etc etc etc.

so check this out, i found mgtow videos and u can see the disgust of these pigwomen all over the place.

married men r miserable compared 2 free single men.
women r the biggest cheats
the biggest golddigers r women
women r delusional, theres like 100s of vids on youtube from these 18-20 year old college chicks tryin 2 give full grown men advice on dating. i mean like what the flyin fuck. truly this is an upside down world!!!

there is like a video of a datin agency in china where women sign up 2 date millionaires and if u dunt got 16 mill on ur bank account, like u cant even sign up. like they will see u as not rich enough. 16 fuckin million!!!! and 2 top it all off, these women arent even pretty!!! wow, talk about pricin urself out, so they literally think they r worth 8 mill bucks at the least!!!

god damn what the fuck is this.

there r videos where women r asked, shuld a man be taller then a woman. and the over majority of women want a man 2 be at least 4 inches taller!!!?? what the fuck. and apparently anything below 6 feet is a manlet nowadays. like what the fck. even a chick thats 5'6 wanted a guy at least 6"2. then they asked a tall chick who was like 6'2+++ and she wanted a guy 4-5 inches taller...

like who the fuck u gonna marry then. how many guys r 7 feet tall????

these golddiggin r going full retard.

so we must ask ourselves. tradition say, we must marry.

but why. this is the 21st century. why do we need 2 marry. so we get chained up in miserable existances sellin our bodies as wage slaves??

Mon Jul 10 14:00:43

Just jerk off and keep it off the board. No one cares about your feelings of inadequacy.

The Children
Tue Jul 11 01:43:23
heres how crazzzzzyyyyy women can get

i mean honestly can u say without blinkin, crossin ur heart, that this is the kind of women u wanna spend the rest of ur miserable life with.

The Children
Tue Jul 11 01:49:51
dumbass whiteknight simpleton

how fuckin stupid do u gotta be 2 do this.

these fuckin whiteknight idiots. u can even hear it in the way he talks. he shuldve gotten darwined that day.


and guess what, she will be datin some other dude 2 weeks after he had died!

simpleton idiot

The Children
Tue Jul 11 02:14:39
look at this bullshit. society enforces us 2 there ideologies.

look at this bullshit. why must the guy pay. what if he doesnt have any moniez. do they think moniez grows on trees? disgustin

The Children
Tue Jul 11 02:17:09
do not get involved at all less u wanna get plucked all ur feathers like the dumbass chicken cuck that u are.


remember the dude from knightrider and baywatch whats his name, david hasselhof? he divorced his wife and now has 2 pay moniez 2 his golddiggin ex wife 4 the rest of his miserable life.

The Children
Tue Jul 11 02:20:30
look at that dude man, can u believe he was the star in the mummy movies. how many fuckin millions did he earn in his prime. look at him now, jesus.

even the reporter had 2 ask him if he was "ok". he culd barely string 2 words 2gether. he has been bloodsucked dry man. barely got any cash left and still has 2 pay alimony 4 the rest of his miserable life.
The Children
Tue Jul 11 02:28:19
is this how u wanna end up. look at that bitch.

i mean WOW. just WOW. she showed her true colors there. and it was ugly as hell.

in front of a whole crew of people and live on air too. she fucked up and she knows it too. so she quickly "but i luv u".



is that how u wanna end up. just wow.
The Children
Tue Jul 11 05:27:02
told yall, i mean like what the flyin fuck what the flyin fuck!!

holy shit this is what the fuck stuff.


Turtle Crawler
Tue Jul 11 12:37:27
This isn't the answer, get married have kids - has too be part of the equation or by definition what you believe will die out.
Tue Jul 11 13:42:56
So this is a coming out thread?
Tue Jul 11 14:46:09
There is the issue of the marriage institution being highly punitive to men. There is a trend now in just cohabitation without the legal ramifications.
Tue Jul 11 14:49:48
I regret opening this thread, as I do for all tc threads.
The Children
Wed Jul 12 01:35:38
"This isn't the answer, get married have kids - has too be part of the equation or by definition what you believe will die out. "

>> negative.

mgtow does not mean u cant have children and dates etc.

mgtow means mgtow men dunt marry coz marryin a golddigger will mean the end 4 u.

The Children
Wed Jul 12 01:43:04
this shit was what i was talkin about.



U JUST NEED 16 MILLION!!!! 16 million? what the fuck, u can buy a fuckin island with that kinda cash. these golddiggrs r shameless whores. look at them, they aint even the prettiest but they think they r worth 8 mill bucks????


The Children
Tue Jul 18 03:45:05
this is the real deal bitches

Tue Jul 18 05:50:16
Highly punative to men? Hilarious.

The Children
Wed Jul 19 02:41:11
highly punitive in everything.


look at how stuck up she is. the guy has 2 take the brunt of her jokes. humiliated on tv, has 2 pick up the bill and at the end of the day gets majorly embarassed.

and what did he do wrong. lets analyse.

he didnt do ANYTHING WRONG! she is as mean as they come.

and the funny thing is she isnt even that pretty. why she behavin like that.

mgtow bitches.

The Children
Thu Jul 20 02:44:01
TRADSFORMERS, there's more than meets the eye. TRADSFORMERS, cheap hoes in disguise.

cheap bitches have no commitments anymo constantly lookin for tradin up. these bitches r false yo, they r witches
The Children
Fri Jul 21 03:30:35
dunt be a fuckboi

a woman and a man cannot be friends. ok. if ur woman has male "friends", that shit shuld be unacceptable.

unless ur a simpleton cuck.

how wuld u feel if ur womans "ex" or "friend" as she calls it, is livin in ur house. like wtf.

that fuckboy retard is a cuck and she is cheatin him with him while she spends his moniez.

is he like fuckin nuts.
The Children
Fri Jul 21 06:19:25
all u whiteknight simps need 2 recognize the real truth. look at how ugly golddiin hoes are.


i mean like wtf@10k a month.


can u fuckin believe that bullsht. that is how far reality has come. its just insane how fuckin crazy these gollddiggin whores have become. 10k a month WTF.

and notice how fuckin disgustin, they dunt even beat around the bush. its like "yo, poppa, i need 10k a month so i can shop and buy gucci this and gucci that and iphone every year".

like fuck that bullshit.
The Children
Fri Jul 21 06:19:39
Fri Jul 21 08:16:11
"Highly punative to men? Hilarious."

In the US? Absolutely.
The Children
Fri Jul 28 02:23:21
mgtow bitches, mgtow.

avoid them crazy botches and golddiggin sluts at all costs. they will ruin u.
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