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Utopia Talk / Politics / A homeless hero
Tue Mar 11 17:05:17
He is a hero for reporting a serious crime to the police. He is also a genius for using the law that was made to terrorize his kind against the petite bourgeoisie!


Park 'lounging' law rankles local family (ORDINANCE)

FORT WALTON BEACH —A local family says their afternoon at a local park was ruined after a homeless person complained to police that they were lying down.

Under the city code, visitors to parks cannot “sleep or protractedly lounge” on seats, benches or other areas.

Michelle McCormick said she and her husband were at Fort Walton Landing Saturday with two young children. She said her husband was wrestling with them when a police officer approached.

“She walked up to us and said, ‘Sir, I’m going to have to tell you to get up. There’s an ordinance against lying down in the park,’ ” McCormick said.

“My husband was just incredulous.”

Police Sgt. Bill Royal said the officer was responding to a complaint from a park visitor.

“We received a phone call, and it was a homeless person,” he said. “He was complaining about individuals lying on blankets near the gazebo.”
Tue Mar 11 17:26:33
This homeless scum should be executed. Ridiculous.
Tue Mar 11 17:27:38
Vagrancy laws seriously need to make a comeback.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Mar 11 17:35:22

In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread.

~Anatole France

Sam Adams
Tue Mar 11 18:18:46
Homeless people really do need to die.
Cherub Cow
Tue Mar 11 18:43:01
No they just need to be given to Gene Hackman for experiments:
Sam Adams
Tue Mar 11 18:47:12
Good idea. Testing new drugs and surgeries on them is a better use of resources.
Tue Mar 11 19:17:26
Who got shot?
Cherub Cow
Tue Mar 11 19:33:37
There was a police officer on the scene, so probably some random bystanders
Tue Mar 11 19:35:27
Was hoping it wasn't Gene that took the bullet.
Fred Felcher
Tue Mar 11 19:39:41
Gotta love Florida, lol. FWB is right next door to me.
Cherub Cow
Tue Mar 11 19:45:41
"Was hoping it wasn't Gene that took the bullet."

In my version of that ending Hugh Grant is like, "good point... when can I start?" [roll credits]
Tue Mar 11 19:52:07
not to pirate the thread, but Gene Hackman is one of my favorite actors. Funny that I haven't seen that movie.

And I think it is funny when the general population has a law backfire on them.

Here they wanted to make it so kids couldn't drink beer in the park (18 for 3.2 beer back then) so they passed a no alcohol in public places ordinance. Next settlers picnic they held the police officer informed them they couldn't have alcohol in the park. A city councilman tried to explain the rule was to just keep kids from drinking a the policeman said nope he had to enforce it for everybody.
This being a small town he was fired not long after that, but they do still enforce the law for everybody.
Tue Mar 11 19:55:57
A pig was fired for...not being a pig? For upholding the law and ensuring equal protection?
Tue Mar 11 20:07:42
not as bad now, but yeah in a small town (about 800 people) city council gets away with all kinds of shit.
On the other hand those same city councilmen can have their shit handed to them in a hurry also in a small town.
Cherub Cow
Tue Mar 11 20:08:24
??? D:
*does not to computer. error. error.*

It's a good movie! The whole thing is on YouTube if you evar have time
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