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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / vivarium - spoilers
The Children
Fri May 01 10:45:34
alright movie is weird as fuck.

kinda creepy after 15 min, but it soon becomes like a dark comedy.

i mean i kinda already knew they were drivin in circles coz da surroundings were alive.

personally i believe it is an alien ship/ trap/ bubble the aliens created to replicate themselves so they can live amongst us.

they obviously weak as fuck otherwise they wuldve taken over the planet already.

but it like a trap. like that birds nest in the first 3 min where the fakebird kills the other 2 little birds and pretended to be the offspring so the bird kept feedin it.

damn straight savage.

not sure what its about though. at the end when the dude replaced old martin, u were like, are they the same alien clones or is he a different alien about to replace him.

and damn how he folded up like a box of carton. lol
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