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The Children
Sat Jul 20 07:30:39
alright i just finished all 6 epsiodes so the verdict is in.

tc will give it a 8 out of 10.

pros: zombie flick done well
- ancient asia, what else is needed.
- ancient tang swords, aka forefathers of the katanas. no, its not michonne. this is ancient asia meets zombies.
- story is intriguin

cons: 1 episode costed 1.7 million dollars but i noticed nottin of it in the episodes. where all da money go. it went into the pockets of the actors!!!

i find it low budget, plain and simple. a small basic walled structure is called a clinic now. and a few wooden houses are called a town nowadays.
clothin looks suspiciously cheap untill the main legions arrival.

- cliffhanger endin

Wed Jun 23 15:34:25
yea bout time i update this shit.

i was tryin 2 watch season 2. keyword tryin...fuck, i culdnt get pass episode 2...

wtf happened 2 this series. complete Bullshittery. boring, slow, uninterestin...season 2 a let down man.

Wed Jun 23 15:36:25
I'm sorry for your loss. How can I help?
Sat Jul 17 12:13:28
u can xplane y a blak man is handlin ur wife's vegina wile ur @ work stretchin it out 4 u rofl
Sat Jul 17 12:53:46
Man, I live rent-free in your head. I don't even think about you, lol, but you're riding my coattails wherever I go trying to get in a zinger.

I love it :D
Sat Jul 17 13:25:27
onlie thang i know bout u is ure old enouf 4 ur balls 2 drag on da floor and u steem ur undarwear rofl
Sat Jul 17 13:34:06
Curious what your thoughts are on subletting?
Sat Sep 11 12:11:45
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