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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / (TV) Game of Thrones (thread 2)
Cherub Cow
Mon May 13 00:03:32
Thread 1:
Cherub Cow
Mon May 13 00:36:10
For posterity: it is currently 2019-05-13 CST

@S8E5: "The Bells"
UP Episode Thread: http://www...hread=84341&time=1557723139768

I did a longer-than-usual review in the UP thread, so I don't have much to add here. It looks like the next (the final) episode will be the same length (about 1 hour and 20 minutes)... lots of ground to cover in sort of small amount of time. Can't wait to be disappointed ;D

I am still hoping that Ser Davos will have answers about the Lord of Light (I want them!), but episode pacing could be an issue... maybe a format like...
- Danny takes her seat in the Red Keep
- Jon and Davos attempt to open diplomacy
- Danny has gone full Mad King and has surrounded herself with frenzied idiots, isn't receptive
- Arya's time to shine
- Jon's chance at the throne? Time for Jon to melt the throne?? :D

But how much time does that leave for a wrap up to the *series*? :(

- Arya survives? If so, heads to Gendry's place and hopes he hasn't found a new lady? ;) .. maybe Arya needs to die to prevent having to apologize to Gendry ;D
- Bronn gets Highgarden? lol... Tyrion needs to die to prevent that ;D
- Sansa takes a seat in the North
- Jon goes north of the Wall, shacks up with Tormund
- Brienne marries Tormund, opens a goat's milk distillery
- Bran buries himself in the Winterfell tree roots, hopefully revealing that he's the Lord of Light or that he knows who that is
- On the ruined steps of the Red Keep, Queen Elizabeth II kills herself and her dead body poops her dress in front of an applauding Middle Class
- Final scene: An aged Samwise Gamgee finishes writing a book called "A Song of Ice and Fire", narrates the ending with some quick footnotes about who went where and who married who, and has the book shelved in the Citadel's low-quality magazine and articles section ;D
the wanderer
Mon May 13 00:52:55
long shot Gendry still has a shot at the throne if Jon & Daenarys kill each other
Wed May 15 01:31:27
There are zero standing major households left except Stark and Lannister... And to consider Lannister 'standing' just because tyrion is alive is a stretch.

So Stark. I think the throne is destroyed. The dothraki and unsullied who survive fuck off and rape dorne. Jon kills Bronn, as they're the last two fighters remaining in westros.
Wed May 15 06:53:25
Is that asshole gonna finish writing the books or rest on his production value?
Wed May 15 10:32:50
I wouldn't bet on him finishing
the wanderer
Sun May 19 23:29:04
CC called the melting & other things...

"Jon goes north of the Wall, shacks up with Tormund"
you meant that as a joke, right? :p

& close with
"An aged Samwise Gamgee finishes writing a book called "A Song of Ice and Fire""
Cherub Cow
Mon May 20 00:03:25
@S8E6: "The Iron Throne"
UP Episode Thread: http://www...hread?id=politics&thread=84367
(Put my main review in the UP thread)

Only sort of meant Jon&Tormund as a joke :D
Brienne and Tormund was *definitely* a joke, though :p

Yeah, they couldn't resist pulling a LOTR with the "[book published in the fiction is the real book's name]" trope ;p
..I do wish we'd gotten an *aged* Sam with that book so that we'd have some more distant futures! :/ .. I guess they didn't want to risk revealing conflicts that would make people think that a sequel was brewing, but whatevs..

I'm just glad that the throne melted. I *really* kept doubling down on that prediction in the UP threads (starting with S8E2, I think... I don't think I talked about that in other seasons). When Drogon was just shooting into the air around it, I thought I was just being teased and that he wouldn't do it just to spite me ;p
Tue May 21 01:27:02
Jon Queenslayer! Is it me or did they leave it open to sequelae?
Mon Dec 30 02:36:02
Mkob, I think if there was a direct sequel id want it to go a different direction "The adventures of Arya"

There is soooooo much of the world that the tv show didn't even touch in and much that even the books are vague on that are just crazy interesting, id love to watch arya explore them.some got touched on like ashai but like the empire's and such could be awesome.
Mon Dec 30 02:40:14
I would like to thank this forum as its where I once posted "looking for a new show to get into" and one that stuck out was GoT and I lucked out to watch the first episode as it aired and everyone since.
Sun Sep 13 13:31:49
I still haven’t read the books. All in all I think I have read a few pages only. lol

I don’t have the patience anymore to sit down and read a book like I could do ... say 10 years ago. I have read Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series, which is similar to GoT in number of books. I read them super fast. But that was a long time ago.

I have even stopped buying books. Because the last 6-10 books I have bought, I have not read. They are just collecting dust on my book shelf. But still, it is kinda cool with books. A home has to have at least some books in it. The books that you have says something about you, just like your music or movie collection do.
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