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Mon Jul 30 21:10:37
2 bad @ da liberel propganda bout negro jakson havin a genius iq but othar than dat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95ghQs5AmNk
Cherub Cow
Mon Jul 30 21:46:17
Anya Taylor-Joy and Sarah Paulson seem like red flags (Anya because it's for teen allure and Paulson because she's super melodramatic — her special power?), but the big issue is that we just *know* M. Night Shyamalan will manage to ruin everything again...
Tue Jul 31 20:55:17
How's he still making movies

And how'd he get three successful actors to be in this bomb
Cherub Cow
Wed Aug 01 04:09:56
Good questions. I think the answer is money ;D
Cherub Cow
Fri Jan 18 01:53:39
Just saw Glass..

Weirdly, not the most awful thing in the world. Kind of an okay movie, actually. Not amazing, not earth-shattering, and probably not even worth a second viewing, but Shyamalan clearly put more writing effort into this than usual, and it shows.

(( Minor Spoilers ahead, no big stuff ))

Big catches with this, though. I went in knowing how awful Shyamalan's story inserts can be.. those annoying moments where things take on more significance than they should (e.g., "Swing away" in "Signs"). Glass had that via Anya Taylor-Joy's "Casey" character, who was talked up via Dr. Staple (Sarah Paulson) as being a power for love — and this love was spoken about by Paulson as a kind of superhuman power. It was reminiscent of "Interstellar"'s cheese moment where love was said to transcend time and space... That's not to say that love isn't important or powerful, but in both cases (Glass and Interstellar), it was given too much melodrama. If they had scripted it differently and left the same effects and plot points in place, it would have been just fine and less cheesy, but Shyamalan failure snuck in. On the other hand, this may have actually *been* a super power.. like... potentially Casey will actually have a super power, and it will be that she can take away another's power or something. That might work if it turns out to be the case.

Other cheese moments would be in practical situations, like how there was only ever one to four people guarding the rooms, and their protocols were less about practicality than they were about show-casing Kevin's talents, or how important meetings seemingly require that everyone book an entire restaurant, or how three crucial witnesses would be left to roam into the world again... And this next bit isn't a fault of the movie, but I'd also expect children of the Internet to see the train station scene and simply imagine comments below the videos such as, "Lol. Fake. And gay. Fake and gay", though I suppose the super heroes out in the world would know that it's real and still get the message :p

Some of the acting was also bad, with the worst part being a scene where some orderlies were confused by Glass being in the hallway. This is to be expected from Shyamalan, who always seems to demand way too many dramatic pauses (or pauses to over-emphasize significance) from the actors. It seems like only veteran actors can roll through that kind of bad direction, which is why Willis' and Jackson's scenes were fine.

(( Actual SPOILERS ))

This movie seems to have followed examples set by other continued franchises (e.g., Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men), where the older actors of the originals look to be jettisoned so that fresh faces can take over the title and do their own thing. That's kind of annoying and looks more like playing to $$demographics$$ than to continuing a story. The shift is particularly annoying here because the ending fights weren't interesting — cut too short with plays to character weaknesses. Shyamalan may not be equipped to film hero battles.

(( End Spoilers ))

Looks like Shyamalan will be yet another writer/director attempting to create a $$franchise$$, and this was just a launching point (Some might say that "Split" was that launching point, but Split was more of a bridge to the wider world that he intends for after "Glass"). That makes it difficult to fully judge each movie because some things could be explained in the sequels... But! I can at least say that this was probably Shyamalan's 3rd or 4th best movie. "The Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable" were his good movies, and "The Happening" was kind of okay, so "Glass", for me, was about as good as "The Happening". In short, a slightly above average movie :p
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