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The Children
Fri Jun 08 23:48:46
im glad i didnt pay a ticket 4 this garbage!

another cgi flick with bad actin and shitty story. what has jurassic park become!

remember the magic of seein dinos on screen. remember jurassic park. everythings so simple and different back then.

now u got a whole lotta shitty story with shitty dumb cgi moments. like overuse of trex savin the day, is the trex his best buddy now or something. and if its not the trex, its blue ur friendly neighboorhood dog who is just a misunderstood little raptor. no she really is good.

get the fuck outta here man.

even the mosasaurus, remember seein the trailer with the mosasaurus attackin the surfer dudes...wow, talk about fake baitin!!!!!! i mean can i talk about this without spoilin it. it sure cant be spoiled!!!! i mean ur talkin about literally just that 1 scene!!!!

i mean wow wow wow what a mess of a movie. and that little girl, whats the whole fuckin point of her subplot. she is irrelevant.

i give this shit. a 3 out of 10.

The Children
Fri Jun 08 23:54:30
and i hated comedy relief.

in jurassic world, those 2 kids, remember those 2 shitty pieces of gen zero kids? universally hated worldwide and yea they were surprise surprise...ditched 4 this movie.

and what did they get in return? a stupid it nerd that somehow has no fear of expressin himself. not so much nerd is he, not 2 mention UNFUNNY moments with shitty jokes.

fuck off.

Tentacle Rapist
Sun Jun 10 20:35:26
The jokes cant be as unfunny as your life peasant
Mon Feb 25 05:16:55
I have never been into dinosaurs and shit. I saw da first dinosaur movie back in the 90's or when was it released? I haven't watched any other Jurassic movie since that one, until I went to da cinema and watched Jurassic World in july/august sometime. I didn't expect much from it but I was entertained. It was better than I thought it would be.
Tue Feb 26 06:14:36
You're just jealous of the Pratman!
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