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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / Worst film of 2017
Sat Feb 10 08:10:08
I gotta nominate Geostorm
Cherub Cow
Sun Feb 11 22:32:36
lulz. Glad your nomination was one that I saw :D

Yeah it was pretty awful, though I didn't expect much from a movie that looked like "The Day After Tomorrow" except with a climate weapon causing everything. The major stupid thing for me was Gerard Butler's in-movie daughter (Talitha Bateman). Right at the beginning of the movie she's narrating with bad acting, and all of her scenes were painful.. like she's over-acting and Butler is like, dealing with it or whatever. Hers was another job that should have gone to Warwick Davis. And her plot was obviously tacked on after the fact to have an emotional grounding in the movie.. but that was unnecessary and the over-dramatics didn't fit. It made the writing ridiculous, like in the last fight scene where he says something like, "I can't let you destroy the world because my *daughter* is down there!" lol... oh yeah that's right, her character was in this movie.. oh noes... ;D

This movie also had me wondering if Gerard Butler's steroid use has continued to change his face for the worse. He's getting a kind of "Popeye" look that's distressing :(

..I would have nominated Star Wars though — Geostorm was at least watchable :p
Mon Feb 12 03:01:35

Alicia Witt should have been his daughter!
The Children
Tue Feb 20 13:16:57

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