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Thu Jan 05 15:22:14
So I watched this movie today.

It's a good story. I liked it. Imagine when we start to travel in space. What happens if something goes wrong and you wake up from your sleep and you are all alone and there is like 90 years left until you arrive at your destination. What would u do?

This is is a problem we have to solve before we do space travels. We have have procedures to follow in case something like this would happen. Everyone should know exactly what to do and not panick.

Everyone who travels in space should have mechanical skillz so they can fix broken things.

Everyone should also be allowed to wake up another person from his/her sleep in case the first person needs help. And you should be able to wake up a person who has access to all areas of the spaceship, or everyone should have access to all areas of da ship.


Don't read below this line if u haven't seen the movie yet and plan to see it.

I wanted to see more what happened when the ship arrived at Homestead II. When the rest of the passangers and crew woke up – did they find the corpses of Jim and Aurora? Did Jim and Aurora have any children who met with the rest of the passengers and crew?

What do you think?

Will there be a Passengers 2?
Wed Jan 18 14:09:53
I read a short story decades ago about a passenger on interstellar flight that accidentally woke from stasis. After going mad and contemplating suicide he starts telling a story by painting murals on the walls. When the crew awoke the entire interior walls were covered with his epic and the man mummified with paintbrush in hand.
The Children
Sat Feb 25 04:55:05
yes, yes, i have watched this movie and posted it in the other thread. i too think this is a good movie. its kinda feelgoodish but i like the explorin aspect of it. what happens when u wake up etc. and then u explore. i like those types of movies. like limitless is also same. u just become and then ur like what to do now.

i gave it 7.5, i think a case for 8 out of 10 culd also be made. i enjoyed it more than i expected coz u know, before i watched it, i thought how good can feelgood movies be u know.
The Children
Sat Feb 25 05:01:43
also the actors have always been meh 2 me. even after this movie. never understood why they can get casted and make big moniez but meanwhile im stuck in this shithole survivin by ends means. its bullshit.

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