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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / Movies about terrorism
Tentacle Rapist
Fri Aug 26 10:14:17
Bored so I thought I'd make a thread to see what ones are good. Personally my favorite one is about a young man who's family is murdered by paramilitary forces. He joins up with an ancient religious order, becomes indoctrinated an fanatical, and engages in a terrorist attack that kills 10's of thousands of people.

I like it because usually the terrorists are stopped.


Anyone have any other good ones?
the wanderer
Fri Aug 26 11:35:33
i was gonna say Star Wars before seeing your link :p

so i'll go with Rocky IV
Cherub Cow
Fri Aug 26 11:45:17
"Braveheart" by Mel Gibson
Fri Aug 26 19:51:10
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