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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Sat Jul 09 20:33:26
It was more or less what I expected it to be.

Efron is playing the handsome, yet naive guy. Devine is playing the brilliantly dimwitted guy. Plaza is reviving her dirty grandpa character. Kendrick is the only one taking a step into new waters playing a "broken" party girl. The writing isn't particularly great although it did avoid falling into the "wedding crashers knockoff" that people thought it would be.

All that being said, something about it just kinda worked for me. Most likely just because I have a really dumb sense of humor.

Definitely not worth a trip to the movies unless you really wanna see it. You also need to be able to laugh at a silly movie that's not taking itself too seriously.

Official rating: One orange slice short of a pear.
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