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The Children
Tue Apr 12 05:00:43
the 100 seemed promisin first episode. it felt rlly like stargate, u got the ark (space) and u got the earth settin. so it felt like stargate and i thought i hit jackpot. First episode also had cool shit like a giant snake, and possibly giant man eatin mutants.

now few episodes in, this shit is nottin like stargate, its so fkin borin, u wuldnt believe. how the fck culd anyone mess up a story like that. by havin shitty characters, dumbass storyline, failure of subplots and all kinds of fcked up plots. there r no mutants, there r no giant man eatin monsters, the ark story line is bullshit. the earth storyline consists of a couple of pretty faces know it all who r makin out with that one and that one and whatever. who the fck gives 2 shits about this rlly.

So anyway decided 2 continue this shit. and story does pick up somewhat. Currently Season 2. And man, these kids r fkin divas!

the way they act, make decisions, stare at the endless trees with there looks...just pure diva!

oh look, i need 2 find this girl so ima mowe down all these unarmed folks...like a diva!
oh look, someone just screamed at me, but i aint gonna answer him coz im in a diva moment and need time 2 absorb da facts!

treacherous dude: "hey finn, did u find something?"
finn: *stares at the jacket*
treacherous dude: "DID U FIND SOMETHING. FINN?"
finn: *keeps starin at the jacket*
treacherous: FINNNNNN????!!!!!!
finn: *keeps starin at the jacket*
treacherous dude: WE NEED 2 GO NOW. FINNN!!!!
finn: *blanket stare at the jacket*

hahaha this shit literally happens 5x in 1 episode. and there we have it. generation zero being casted in roles but prolly only got the roles coz daddy made a phone call.

Overall story however has evolved somewhat. still waitin 4 those mutant man eaters though...

Tue Apr 12 10:37:25
The show is OK. It is a CW show so expect CWness.
The Children
Tue Apr 12 12:51:38
bellany: clarke is that u
clarke: bellany u r alive!
clarke: *10seconds of diva moment*

hahaha this show is jampacked with divas!
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