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The Children
Wed Aug 06 14:25:51
some indian kid gets shipwrecked with a tiger and the story is about him survivin teh ocean.

meh what a boring start, the dude starts 2 tell his story and shit and starts yappin about religion and shit, i stopped watching. in fact, it bored me soo much, that i stopped watchin right as they boarded teh ship and started sailin 2 whatever. 3 weeks later, i got bored and realized i still havent finished this movie yet, so i picked up where i left off.

damn teh story startin pickin pace durin the storm. then came the actual movie with the tiger and the kid. that didnt turn out as bad as i initially thought it would be. so I stayed tuned. where the movie really shined was teh ending. HOLY SHIT, MIND BLOWN. this movie is pretty good actually if you discard teh first 30 min or so.
but the ending is teh real shit.

see, i know somethin was off during the first part and the body of teh movie. something didnt fit in. it was already pretty fkin unbelievable how they made u believe he culd actually be on a lifeboat with a tiger, but nothin prepared me 4 teh ending. holy shit, and then u start thinkin and shit. about what really happened and which is real and not. and damn the more u start thinkin, the more u start realizin how good this movie actually is.

i have 2 say, it is teh ending that did it 4 me. it surpassed all expectations.

7.8 out of 10



Holy shit, teh man is a beast. so im inclined 2 believe his whole story was a lie and what really transpired was he killed the cook and prolly ate his cook and mom aswell in order 2 survive. well the mom part was cut away from da movie, cos while u gotta do what u gotta do 2 survive, eatin ur own mother may be 2 taboo even 4 2014. that is kinda fked up gross.
Tentacle Rapist
Mon May 16 18:54:11
pi is > pie
idiot, everyone knows that
fuck your stupid thread
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