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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / Mod Thread/Rules
The Powers That Be
Fri Apr 10 09:09:56
1. Keep it about Movies/Television/Entertainment.

2. Like in Politics, anything not about Movies/Television/Entertainment label with an OT (Off Topic).

3. No spam/flooding.

4. If you are going to detail plot points about a movie/tv show, make sure it's listed in the thread title or in the first line of the opening post. Give some consideration to people who haven't seen it yet.

5. No reviews of porn films. Links to such sites will be deleted as well, no questions asked.

6. Don't be an idiot.
The Powers That Be
Wed Mar 21 18:15:38
With the discussion that has been taking place about Walking Dead, if any of you have a currently airing show that you think can warrant on-going discourse feel free to post in here what it is and if interest is high I'll sticky it for you.
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 03 14:46:32
Probably should have asked this a long while ago, but can you sticky the latest Walking Dead thread and unsticky the old one?

New one:
Tentacle Rapist
Sun Dec 13 16:06:27
wrong forum


delete if you feel like it, or follow the motto of the buddhist procrastinator.

'Why do this life what can be put off until next?'
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Jan 13 14:28:28


Sat Jan 27 12:21:15

Could you fix the triple post on Jan 27th
Cherub Cow
Sun Feb 04 01:47:10
For posterity, pillz' "Sat Jan 27 12:21:15" post was in 2018 :D
..haven't seen The Powers That Be in a while.. so not sure if TPTB will get around to the triple post request any time soon :p
Tentacle Rapist
Fri Jun 22 16:21:45
In what way did your repeated molestation as a child influence your decision to become a mod?
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